Notifications in Blue Winston

We are having some good news for you! Maybe you have already noticed a bell icon in your BlueWinston account – these are notifications that will keep you updated about your campaigns.

Notifications appear in case there a mistake or incorrect setting in any of your campaigns.

After clicking the bell, you will see a short overview of the issues.

When you click the notification or See more, you will be taken to the overview of all notifications, where there is a short description of the issue and steps to solve it.

When the issues are solved, and campaigns are running smoothly, you may delete the notifications by clicking Dismiss all.

In the account settings (right upper corner > Edit account) you can set whether you want to receive these notifications via e-mail or not. You can, of course, change the e-mail to which the notifications will be sent. By default, there is the registration e-mail and the notifications are turned on.

Do you like our new notifications? Are they helping you to optimize your campaigns?

Or do you have any other questions regarding the campaigns or BlueWinston features?

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