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Optimize your campaigns on the go with the Google Ads app

Google Ads helps you stay up-to-date and manage your ads wherever you are. In an ever-changing world of online marketing, it would be difficult to find a better companion. Respond to current trends and manage your campaigns on the go! What can you do with the Google Ads app?

If you advertise your products using Google Ads, its applicaton should be your good friend. Available for Android and iOS, the Google Ads app lets you edit your campaigns quickly and easily from your smartphone.

What can you do with Google Ads app?

  1. Monitoring your ads

First of all, you can use Google Ads app to constantly monitor your running campaigns. Track your account performance with interactive tabs like Auction insights or Biggest changes to see if your campaigns need immediate optimization. This way, you won’t miss any changes that could harm your campaigns.

You can track your campaign performance at the level that is most important to you – account, campaign, ad, ad group, or keyword level.

  1. Manage campaigns

With the app you can make some basic changes to your campaigns when you don’t have access to your computer. These are, for example:

  • Adjust daily budgets for your campaigns.
  • Create and edit responsive search ads.
  • Manage (negative) keywords.
  • Pause or enable campaigns and ad groups.
  1. Improve campaign performance

An especially important piece of information for you is the optimization score, which tells you how much your campaign is fulfilling the potential it has. Machine learning counts this number from historical data and auction simulations. Your goal is to ensure that this score is as high as possible.

If you’re having trouble, and you cannot reach high optimization score, you can take advantage of real-time recommendations from Google based on your ad data. Recommendations can help you learn how to optimize your campaign. Maybe you didn’t even think about some of them.

  1. Stay updated

Thanks to notifications you will not miss any changes that could potentially harm your campaign performance. You’ll always have an overview of how they’re doing and whether they need optimization. You can track weekly performance summaries, disapproved ads, as well as changes to your running ads, and recommendations for improving them.

Besides, if necessary, you can use the app to contact specialists to help you solve a specific issue that you cannot resolve on your own. You can use chat, call, or email to do this.

Why should you care?

Google Ads app can help you a lot with the management and quick edit of your campaigns. It brings many features to help you improve the effectiveness of your ads wherever you are. This allows you to respond immediately to changes that are happening in your campaigns, whether it is for your cause or external factors.

Easy monitoring and small adjustments to your campaigns with Google Ads app already have already brought some results. The Irish clothing brand Diesel used recommendations management, which was reflected in the efficiency of their processes and 30 times higher traffic to their e-shop. On the other hand, by monitoring ad performance and improving optimization scores, the AGY47 marketing agency managed to save up to two hours per week on managing one account.

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