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Performics: How we achieved ROAS 5000% with Product text campaigns through BlueWinston

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Finding solutions to automate product text campaigns

We needed to effectively and automatically resolve the advertising of individual products on Google Search.

In the case of a large e-shop with electronics (between 1-2 million visits per month according to Similarweb), there were thousands of products that we wanted to advertise and at the same time have the best possible results.

Manual Ad creation and regular updating Ads was out of the question because so many products were on the line, so the agency chose the BlueWinston automation tool to create and update product text ads.

How did BlueWinston help?

1. Product text campaigns for selected categories

In order to have an overview of the campaigns and at the same time get the best possible results, we have selected Top categories. We have prepared separate campaigns for each category. We have selected products from several categories:

  • TV’s
  • Phones
  • Refrigerators
  • Electric tools
  • Clothes dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines

We have prepared Product Text campaigns and Product – Group Text campaigns. You can read more about them on our blog – how they work, how keywords are created, ads, and so on.

2. Keywords with and without brand

We have prepared 3 different types of campaigns for each category. There are slightly different keywords in each campaign, and you can change your budget or other parameters (such as your target ROAS) based on your campaign performance.

  • Product text campaign (brand) – in this campaign we created keywords in exact and phrase match, which also have the brand name, e.g. “Gorenje rf60309oco”. The user gets directly to the product subpage on the e-shop through an advertisement specifically for this product.
  • Product text campaign (non-brand) – in this campaign, we created exact match type keywords and do not include the brand name, e.g. [rf60309oco]. The point is that some users are looking for products without a manufacturer’s name. Even in this case, the user gets directly to the product on the e-shop.
  • Group text campaign (brand), keywords with the brand name – in this campaign there are keywords in exact and phrase match, suitable for 2 or more products. The user gets to the search result on the e-shop, where he/she sees all relevant products, for example in white and black.

3. Automated keyword creation

Keywords are created very easily via BlueWinston – just choose the Truncation method and create keywords by shortening the word +1 by the manufacturer. As we can see in the picture below, the original product name (eg Gorenje NRK6203TX) can be used to create keywords in the exact, phrase, and broad match:

  • [gorenje nrk6203tx]

  • “gorenje nrk6203tx”

  • gorenje nrk6203tx

Keyword generation is fully automatic. As we can see, the keyword “gorenje nrk6203tx” is created. Keywords for hundreds – thousands of other products can be created in the same way.

4. Automated product Ads creation – ETA and RSA ad templates

We used BlueWinston Ad Patterns to create thousands of highly accurate ads for specific products. We display the product name, current product price, and appropriate ad description in the ads.

In the e-shop, prices and discounts for products change quite often, and at the same time, we wanted to communicate the various benefits of the purchase. That’s why we’ve created separate ad templates for discounted and non-discounted products, as well as ad templates for free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

We solved this through the filters in the advertising templates in BlueWinston as follows:

  • ETA template for non-discounted products
  • ETA template for discounted products
  • ETA template for products with free shipping
  • RSA template for products with free shipping
  • RSA template for paid products

ETA ads will expire during the summer of 2022, so we recommend using only RSA ad templates.

For example, an ad for non-discounted products looks like this:

title image

For example, advertising for discounted products looks like this:

Achieved results over a period of 6 months

Breaking down campaigns by TOP category has helped us focus on the most important products, and we can work with budgets and other settings for each campaign as needed.

BlueWinston has significantly helped to create and automate campaigns, i.e. to keep current prices and discounts in the ads and also to automatically pause sold-out products. New products will automatically create new ad groups, ads, keywords, and more. With automation, we saved the agency a lot of time, so specialists can focus more on optimizing their new and existing campaigns.

For the period June 2021 through December 2021, BlueWinston product text campaigns have approximately the following results:

Clicks: 200 000
Average cost per click: 0,12 €
Average conversion rate: 3 %
CTR: 8 %
ROAS: 5000 %
PNO: 2 %

If you would like to achieve similar results for your e-shop, you can contact the Performics agency or us directly. In this case, it must be taken into account that it is a large and well-known e-shop, which affects the performance of campaigns.

Of course, product campaigns via BlueWinston can also be used for small and medium-sized e-shops.

It should be taken into account that the first months the campaign collects data, but then you can expect results between 500 and 1500% of ROAS, as we wrote in this article – What kind of ROAS can you expect in different segments?

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