Prepare Croatian Google Ads accounts for the changeover to the EURO currency

Croatia will use the new currency EURO from 1 January 2023. Until now, they have been using their own currency, Croatian kuna (HRK), and are now switching to the European currency. This change affects a number of Google Ads accounts, so we would like to keep you informed.

The change affects accounts that use HRK as their account currency. Other Google Ads accounts that advertise in Croatia are not affected, for example Google Ads accounts that already use the EUR currency or another currency (HUF, CZK, PLN, etc.).

Statement from Google Ads support:

“On 31 December 2022, all Google Ads accounts with activity in HRK should be deactivated. This means that as of this date, if a Google Ads account is set up with HRK currency, the customer will no longer be able to advertise using their existing Google Ads account.”

We’ve summarized the next steps in the following points:

1. Google will disable advertising in Google Ads accounts in HRK

You should expect that Google will disable advertising in Google Ads accounts that have the HRK account currency set. Campaigns will no longer run, they will be suspended. You should take this into account in advance, especially if you do not have a campaign end date set. The advertising shutdown will be 31.12.2022.

2. Google recommends creating new Google Ads accounts in EUR

Google recommends that all advertisers create a new Google Ads account in EUR. Afterwards, other things will need to be set up in the account, such as importing conversions. Unfortunately, you won’t have the data from your old Google Ads account in the new account, all campaigns will need to be created and set up again. You can run campaigns in your new account at any time.

3. Create a new Google Ads account with bonus credit

If you’d like to create a new Google Ads account, we can help you with that. As we are a Google partner, we can create a new Google Ads account in EUR for Croatia where you can get bonus credit for free. So far the bonus credit has been 2500 HRK, which is approximately 331 €, we assume it will be similar in Euros. We can create new Google Ads accounts with bonus credit for other countries as well.


If you advertise with Google Ads in Croatia, make sure you check what your account currency is. If it was HRK currency, we recommend you create a new Google Ads account (or we can create one for you), then you can rebuild your campaigns in the new account to prepare for advertising in 2023. When you have questions about this change for the Croatian market, you can write to us or you can ask at Google Ads support.

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