Prolonging headline and copy settings to next ad alternative

I am really happy that I can show you the brand new 2 features for the section “Ad pattern creator” inside of BlueWinston’s tool.

1st feature called “Prolonging headline” is the most unique and powerful feature inside of ad patterns after some while =) In the video you will see how very easy and quick the setup can be and how powerful this feature really is.

2nd feature called “Copy settings to the next ad alternativegives you option how to really quick duplicate previous ad alternative to the new one where you can make your modifications to cover next or rest of the products with suitable text ads for Google AdWords campaign.

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About the Author:

CEO at BlueWinston. I work in the ecommerce business for more than 6 years and I aspire to be always up-to-date with everything. I work very hard to push our team forward and achieve every set goal.