Publishing house C.H.Beck case study: BlueWinston campaigns achieved 8,40% CTR

The publishing house C.H.Beck is a leading provider of professional legal information. C. H. Beck’s offer includes specialized publications dedicated to lawyers, tax advisors, HR departments, public administration, as well as legal trainees and students. The challenge we’re facing in digital marketing is to reach specific target groups with precision and to accurately serve product recommendations, all that the while staying ahead of our competitors.

BlueWinston makes it possible for us to advertise effectively the wide range of our products. With automated actions, we can be sure our ads are well optimized and up-to-date. The strong support of DevaGroup with its dedicated team is a game-changer. They provide well-tailored marketing solutions to match the needs of our business.
Publishing house C.H.Beck

The DevaGroup agency has been operating in the e-commerce sector since 1999. DevaGroup has hundreds of satisfied clients, excellent reviews, and numerous achievements and prizes. DevaGroup offers full specialization and is one of the top agencies in Poland.

The problem we tried to solve

  • a plethora of products needed to be advertised on Google Search
  • creation of unique Keywords and Ads for every single product
  • how to advertise keywords, which are suitable for 2 or more products (the same keyword can be used for 2 or more products)

How BlueWinston helped?

  • fast creation of thousands of keywords (specific for every book)
  • filtering products in the campaigns (e.g. only books published in 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • advertising for books that could not otherwise be advertised (product DSA campaigns)

Campaign structure

Keywords creation – here you can see how keywords were created (truncating from the Product name, with and without special characters)

Duplicity keywords – automatically added to Product – Group text campaigns, the user is taken from the Google Search to Search result page on the e-shop, and then can choose between different authors or years:

Automatically generated Search URL, in this case, look like this:

There are at least two books “Kodeks karny skarbowy. Komentarz” from different authors:

  • prof. dr. hab. Leszek Wilk, book published in 2020
  • dr. hab. prof. Grezegorz Skowronek, book published in 2019

The results from March 2021

Conversion rate






BlueWinston has very successfully created keywords and ads for a number of products, with regular updates on the prices in the ads. The results there is a high conversion rate, a low cost per order (CoS), and a high clickthrough rate (CTR). About PPC tool BlueWinston – specialized PPC tool for effortless creation of Product campaigns for Google. You can create Product text and Smart Shopping campaigns pretty quicklike and use filters for products (price, category, margin, custom labels, etc.)

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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About the Author:

Account manager at BlueWinston & CCS Shopping in EU (I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search)