• Responsive ads: Let Google program the best combination

Responsive ads: Let Google program the best combination!

Responsive search ads are new and quite interesting format of Google Ads. They consist in adjustment of the ad, based on the previous activity of potential customers. The system tests dynamically various combinations of titles and descriptions, while observing which combinations performs best for different search requests.

Saved time, higher flexibility, more of approached customers, better performance of your ad… These are the main benefits of the responsive search ads. You are saving your time by, for instance, not having to think about appropriate combinations to approach your potential customers.

Responsive ads: Up to 15 titles and 4 descriptions

Responsive ads can be created simply via Google Ads. Its specifics include adding up to 4 possible descriptions and up to 15 different titles. Other features remain the same as in the classic format. Because of this they are definitely more flexible than the typical expanded text ads. Therefore, it is necessary to experiment with them.

Due to the extra titles and descriptions, you have to think more about the possible combinations Google Ads will create. You do not really have to exhaust the maximum number of characters at any cost. Use appropriate keywords. Thanks to more titles and different keywords that you can use, you have the opportunity to get your ad to various auctions. It is therefore suggested to distinguish them, for instance by highlighting different benefits and so on.

Want it at concrete position? Pin it!

If you want to display some features to be at one specific place, pin them to that position in the ad settings. You will, however, limit the possible combinations.

Try it if you can

The concept of responsive search ads is currently being tested in beta version. As for now, it is possible to add them only to the existing ad groups with created ads. Also, some ads may fail to display. For some advertisers the possibility of responsive search ads is not available yet. But if it is available for you, do not hesitate to try it out!


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