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Samsung case study: How we use BlueWinston product campaigns

Samsung – a brand that delivers innovation and TOP products for the home (smartphones, tablets, headphones, smart watches, TVs, washing machines, dryers and accessories). It sells its products through its partners as well as through its own eshop.

Starmedia – media agency that focuses on media communication for brands. It is part of the Publicis Groupe, a communications group that operates in 100 countries worldwide. In Slovakia, it is part of the Kreator Group family and a member of AMA and IAB. Starmedia has won several awards, such as the Golden Nail, eurobest, Slovakia Superbrands, FLEMA media awards and others.

The problem we wanted to solve

We were looking for a solution to automate product campaigns. Our goal was to find a solution to automatically create and update Keywords and Ads for Google search advertising.

We also wanted to split products into separate campaigns and therefore manage budgets and bidding strategies separately. We also wanted to set up campaigns with the purpose to create Keywords and Ads automatically for current and also for future products.

How did BlueWinston help?

In cooperation with PPC specialist David Forgáč, we prepared and set up product text campaigns as well as Smart Shopping campaigns via BlueWinston. The setup took some time in the beginning. But then every month BlueWinston automated campaigns saved a lot of time, mainly because of automatic price updates in product ads, pausing sold out products and also because of automatic creation of new ad groups for new products.

For example, product ads for Samsung products look like this:

image 8

Campaign structure

We have created campaigns for selected product categories and divided them as follows:

  • Mobile devices

    1. Smart Shopping campaign
    2. Product Text campaign
  • Audio/Video products

    1. Smart Shopping campaign
    2. Product Text campaign
  • Home Appliances

    1. Smart Shopping campaign
    2. Product Text campaign

Product Text Campaigns

Product filtering

At BlueWinston, we use filters to divide products into multiple campaigns. This way we can select only certain product categories and the products within them from the product feed. For example, in the Mobile devices campaign we used this filter:


Keywords for products are created in BlueWinston from the XML feed and are created from the product name (title) and also as ITEM_ID.

In the case of the Samsung S Pen (Fold3) product, the keywords are “ej-pf926bbegeu” and “samsung s pen fold3”.


Ads are created and updated in campaigns for individual products. Ads are divided into two groups, namely ads that run continuously and ads that only run during certain periods (e.g. Samsung Week, Black Friday)

1. A product text ad that is displayed continuously might look like this:

2. A product text ad for a specific period (e.g. Black Friday until 29 November) may look like this, for example:

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Product filtering

In Smart Shopping campaigns, we can use multiple filters to filter the campaigns to exactly the products we need. So, for example, we have selected all products from the Mobile category while excluding some products.

Automatic change of the bidding strategy

Also in the Smart Shopping Campaigns settings in BlueWinston, we use a feature to automatically change the bidding strategy.

Thus, when a campaign accumulates at least 50 conversions in the last 30 days, the bidding strategy is automatically changed. The change takes place from the bidding strategy:

  • Maximize Conversion Value to the bidding strategy
  • Maximize Conversion Value with a target ROAS.

Campaign results and evaluation

At the end of this case study, we conclude that BlueWinston has managed to simplify and automate product advertising in Google search and save a lot of time. As a result, Starmedia had more time to optimize the campaigns.

Due to the sensitivity of the data, we can’t give exact figures, but for at least one campaign we can give the % change.

Product text campaign for Samsung home appliances, we compared the period of 14 days, 5.11. – 18.11. and the period before, 22.10. – 4.11.2021

  • Increase in conversions +100%
  • Increase in conversion value +210%

We see similar results for other BlueWinston campaigns for Samsung.

What does the agency say about our cooperation?

“Automation is a must for us when managing our clients’ campaigns. It helps us deliver better results, reduce errors and save time, which we can then dedicate to the strategic direction of campaigns for our clients.”

Marek Majerčík, Digital performance specialist, Starmedia

What does the client say about our cooperation?

“Automating performance campaigns is one of our top priorities and helps us succeed in the highly competitive environment of consumer electronics e-shops.”

Jakub Černý, Online Marketing Professional, Professional Online Business, Samsung

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