Shopping Ads: Best Practices

What are the shopping ads best practices? Are you a seller willing to effectively promote your products? If you are not a creative type of person, you do not have to struggle with suitable text ad content or the usage of keywords anymore.

Google Shopping Ads Campaigns will help you to create an optimal ad which will, among others, result in richer clickthrough rates or better-qualified leads.

What do you have to do? You just need to create a simple feed, inventory of your products, in the Merchant Center and choose the right bidding strategy.

Unlike the regular text ads, Google Shopping does not use keywords. Instead, it uses the attributes of products defined by you. We are speaking for instance about ID, title, definition, category, price, sale price… All these must be listed in your Merchant Center feed.

It is already proven that Google Shopping works great for e-commerce, thanks to its simplicity and wide reach. However, there are some new features helping you to adjust your campaign to make it even more effective. We wrote down for you several practices that you definitely should not underestimate.

Shopping ads: Maintaining the feed

As mentioned before, Google Shopping creates ads from your feed. Be particularly attentive about the attributes, for they must be clear and coherent with the information stated on your webpage. Otherwise, Google will not concern them. You may maintain this feed manually via spreadsheets, using third-party products or software.

Before creating a new campaign, here are some specifics of the service:

  • Unlike regular product text ads, Google Shopping ads do not use keywords to determine relevance. It is useful to include them in both, the title and the description, the final ad will be, however, created out of the attributes listed in your feed.
  • Shopping ads allow you to display your promotions. If you are delivering for free, or you are having a seasonal sale, do not forget to mention it.
  • Attributes in the feed must be coherent with the offer on your webpage. Otherwise, Google will not display it. Be attentive mainly when it comes to prices.
  • One feed = one country. If you are willing to sell in different countries, you have to create various feeds.
  • Identically as in any other ad, photos can be the key player. Be sure that your product is clearly visible, without any exorbitant effects or watermark.
  • Your products must be linked to existing webpages. Otherwise, Google will not display them.

Creating Shopping Campaigns

Having an adorned webpage, linked Google Ads with Merchant Center, you may proceed with creating the campaigns. It is simple. Just select the feed and the country of sale.

For robust organization structure of your products, use AdGroups. Categorize your products according to their brand, category… Maybe the way you did it on your webpage. When bidding, you will realize that your task is a lot simpler. If you have been using Google Shopping for a longer time, create a separate group for your best-sellers. Their behavior is different.

The secret of Campaign bidding revealed

Mind that the right bid strategy is crucial, it directly impacts your visibility.

Where to start? Set your objectives and expectations. Also the amount you can afford to spend on one ad…

You can bid each product separately, or your groups that we have organized in the previous step. The groups are easier, indeed, but depends on you. Start with lower amounts and observe their behavior once you start to collect data. The billing method is pay per click.

When bidding, you can rely on two useful tools:

  • Geographic Bid Modifiers

Your products will be bid up in high-traffic regions and vice versa bid down in low-traffic regions.

  • Search Impression Share

Discover the potential growth for particular product groups and your position in the competition. Also, it will help to optimize your ads for wider reach.

Furthermore, Google allows you to use features for even better strategy, such as negative keywords or targeted bidding. The second one is less recommended, for it may significantly lower the potential audience. For such a case, try remarketing lists via Bid Only option.


About the Author:

Martin Jančo
Account manager of Bluewinston & CCS Shopping in EU ( I'm the guy responsible for the most effective PPC tool to create product text and Smart Shopping campaigns for Google Search.