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Social media like a pro thanks to Kontentino

If you have your own business, company, sell handmade products or provide any service, you want to be online. But sometimes it’s hard to think about social networks and link them to what you’re doing. Then it is good to use a tool for planning content on social networks. With us, it’s Kontentino.

Time is precious to us – Kontentino saves it.

Even before we started using any social media management tool, we planned posts manually. It wasn’t the most enjoyable part of the day, because it took a lot of our time that we could use in other places. Switching between different profiles, individual networks and publishing all posts was time consuming and we had almost no overview.

We have been using Kontentino for over a year and this has made our work a lot easier. We have an overview of when something is published, when it is planned, and in the event of a change, we can get to the individual posts within a few seconds.

Teamwork and quick control

Thanks to the possibility of internal communication between team members directly in Kontentino, we do not have to deal with redundant communication channels. All changes and comments are solved together with colleagues at the post itself.


Copy posts across all networks

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V are irreplaceable helpers for almost every Internet user. With copying posts in the Kontentino and creating different profiles to sort the individual socials, you can be sure that you will not pull your hair out over endless copying.

Does anything need to be adjusted? No problem.

Everything has been checked, but you will still find a mistake somewhere in the end. This happens even to the best of us. If you need to edit a post, you can do it directly in Kontentino.

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