The 10 most common reasons why your ads may not be showing

You have created the perfect ad for your product. But when you publish it, nothing happens. No impressions, clicks, nor conversions… Your ad just does not show. It does not have to be a reason for panic, you are not the only one in this unfortunate situation. It could have been just a moment of inattention to the settings. Where could have setting up your ad gone wrong and how to fix it?

  1. Your payment did not go through

Google charges you at the end of the current billing period, or if you have exceeded your original threshold. If it does not receive the payment, Google Ads will pause your ads and they will stop running. The reason it might have not received a payment is usually due to incorrect bank details that you may have entered inattention. Make sure your payment information is complete and up to date.

  1. The bids are too high or too low

You set a daily budget for the keywords you advertise. If the cost-per-click (CPC) bid for concrete keyword exceeds this limit, your ad will be paused. Keyword bids must be compatible with the daily budget you have.

  1. The keywords have low search volume

Google may not show your ad if the keyword you’re advertising has low search volume. it means that people are not searching for this keyword or are searching for it too little. It is always evaluated within a given month. For example, it might be a product name that is too specific or an unofficial name that people don’t know.

Search volume may change. But waiting for this change is not very efficient. Try using tools to help you find a similar keyword with enough search volume.

Low search volume can also be addressed by advertising via Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

  1. Keywords were disapproved

The keywords you advertise cannot violate Google Ads Policies. These include, but are not limited to, products and services that cannot be advertised through Google Ads.

If one of your keywords presents a prohibited product or service, it’s a reason for your ad to be disapproved and thus not showing.

  1. Negative keywords exclude those active

Negative keywords are a great way of not unnecessarily showing your ad to unwanted audiences and not wasting money. However, be careful when using broad match or broad match modifier. It could have been just a moment of inattention and you could have included keywords you advertise for in the negative keywords as well. This automatically blocks your ad and it will not be shown.

  1. The ad is paused

A paused ad is perhaps the most common reason why it is not showing. Make sure your ad status is active. If it isn’t – it’s paused – activate your ad with one click to the “Enabled” status.

Your ad may be paused, for example because of the low keyword search volume mentioned above or non-completed payment, but also because of inattention.

  1. The ad was disapproved

If you didn’t read the Google Ads Policies, you may have violated it by creating your ad. For example, Google Ads Policies prohibit the advertising of certain products and services, but also define what requirements your e-shop must meet to be adequate for advertising.

Become familiar with the Google Ads Policies to prevent violations.

You can easily find out if your ad was disapproved in your ad status. If so, click on the small question mark at this status to find out why it happened.

  1. Your ad copy is not adequate

The problem with ad copy is a bit more complex than others. There is no one universally valid formula that the text must follow in order to be effective enough. However, in order for Google to approve it, it should meet two basic requirements – be relevant and not include excessive use of special characters.

Ad text must be relevant to the search queries that run your ad, or the keywords you’re advertising for. Keywords should also appear in the text. Of course, they must fit into its overall context.

The ad quality score or click-through rate also depend on your ad copy and are influencing how does it show.

Are you struggling to create good copy for your ad? Check out some proven practices that can help. 

Ad copy has also defined some features by Google Ads Policies. Prohibits excessive use of special characters, emojis, or capital letters.

  1. The landing page is not relevant

Make sure the landing page your ad links to matches the content you promise in your ad and the search queries for which your ad is showing. Poor landing page quality, and especially its relevance, can have a negative impact not only on your ad performance, but also on your overall ad showing.

The landing page must offer users what they’re looking for. So it must match the keywords and search queries that trigger your ad.

  1. The CTR is too low

Clickthrough rate is also a factor that affects displays of your ad. It reflects whether you can create copy that potential customers engage with and they consequently visit your e-shop. If the rate at which your ad impressions turn into a click is low, Google may refuse to show your ad. This is because of a faint copy that doesn’t resonate with users and as a result, they don’t click on your ad.

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