TV Shopping retailer achieves over 1000% ROI with Google Shopping

How BlueWinston helped?

Using the BlueWinston tool the agency was able to convert source XML feed into feed for Google Merchant. Then they were able to create segmented campaigns based on smaller categories. After some testing the agency decided to run one Smart Shopping campaign, which helped to increase performance.

Smart Shopping campaign is updated every 6 hours.

In  one Smart Shopping campaign there are around 1000 products  and uses an automated bidding strategy “Maximize conversion value”.

Overall results after 2 months are ROI 1000%, which is perfect and agency Phoenix media recommends to use BlueWinston for online merchants.

Here you can see some chosen results from Smart Shopping campaign created in BlueWinston tool.

bluewinston reviews

You can see how look like Thai Smart Shopping Ads created in BlueWinston tool.

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  • case study bluewinston is a TV home shopping channel that sells premium home products to consumers throughout Thailand. Aside from viewing channels and ordering products through the TV screen, consumers can choose to buy from over 2,500 products on the website.

Phoenix Media are a data-driven digital marketing agency based in Bangkok established in 2015 and working on a wide range of campaigns, other notable clients include Villa Market and DD Property. is PPC tool which helps to automate product campaigns for Google – it is very easy to create Product Text Ads and Smart Shopping Ads. Campaigns are updated from XML feed. There is no problem about using Thai language in feeds and Smart Shopping Ads. is an automated tool for creation of Product Search Text and Shopping Ads on Google. It is both an alternative and a must have addition to regular Google Shopping ads (Product Listing Ads, PLAs). Feed-driven product campaigns account for over 40% of the annual %CTR and displays in Google Search that lead to a successful transaction. Unique technology, innovative approach to keywords and ad creation for each product, group of products and their categories in the eshop, make this tool a number one in the global market. Today, BlueWinston is being used by hundreds of clients in over 50 countries (see testimonials from PPC specialists and merchants). Thanks to you do not only automate the creation of ads of your products, but you can also automate their optimization and management thanks to set of automated rules and bidding scripts applied in incredibly short time – every 6 hours!
  • boost sales up to +60%
  • increase ROAS up to +1500%
  • decrease CoS by -40%
  • create ads for all your products
  • automate creation & management