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Update new features in BlueWinston

We recently enhanced the BlueWinston tool with several new features and a more user-friendly interface. The goal of these updates is to make the campaign creation process more efficient and faster. The added features are designed to help users create more effective campaigns, while the new interface offers smoother and easier navigation. Our aim is to make your experience with BlueWinston more efficient and user-friendly.

Asset Groups

Filters in Asset Groups for PMax campaigns now include an option to exclude selected products. Previously, only inclusion (Include) options were available, but now you can choose whether the filter will compare items based on inclusion (Include) or exclusion (Exclude).

Changing the campaign editing button, the option to click on campaigns

The button for editing campaigns and feeds is now labeled EDIT instead of the previous gear icon. This clear label ensures you understand its function. Additionally, clicking on the campaign name directly opens the campaign wizard. This change simplifies access to edits and enhances efficiency in managing campaigns, allowing you to quickly and easily make necessary changes without unnecessary complications.

Displaying the options button

When creating ads, the Options button is now always visible, allowing users to easily adjust settings without searching for hidden options. This button also displays the number of currently enabled settings, providing better insight into the ad configuration.

Each new ad template now has two default settings activated: Hide/Replace BadWords from any tag values and Cut headline if text length…. These defaults ensure ads are automatically adjusted to exclude inappropriate terms and keep headlines concise. This change was implemented because users often didn’t activate these options themselves, leading to fewer ads being created.

Ad group name moved to Advanced section

The Ad group name setting has now been moved to the Advanced section, which is collapsed by default. This change was made because when this setting was directly visible, users often entered incorrect or nonsensical names, causing issues with their campaigns. Collapsing this section minimizes the risk of incorrect settings and simplifies campaign management. Customers who need to edit the ad group name can still easily find and open the advanced settings in the Advanced section.



The improvements and changes in the user interface and features of the BlueWinston tool are designed to simplify and speed up the campaign creation process. For further questions about the new features, feel free to contact us by phone at +421 948 259 002 or by email at [email protected].

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