Upgraded Sitelinks and Callouts

In October 2021, the Sitelinks and Callouts will be upgraded. The fact is that on the 20th of October 2021 the old ad extension types will be replaced by new ones (from feed-based to asset-based), according to Google Ads Developer Blog.

It’s important that you don’t lose any information about which ad extensions belonged to which campaign (as the ad extension ID will be changed). If we in BlueWinston never made the change in time, Google would make the migration automatically, but you would lose information about which ad extensions belonged to which campaign.

To convert the old types of ad extensions to the new ones, we prepared an automatic migration system that will be applied to all BlueWinston accounts. This will be done by deleting the original legacy Ad Extensions and creating new asset-based Ad Extensions. In the Google UI, the new Ad Extensions will look the same as the old ones. The extensions will be of a new type, will have fresh new stats, and Google will start using them from the beginning. In the Business data section, you can find statistics for old, and therefore deleted Sitelinks and Callouts.

This change will be applied to all campaigns, even to those, you didn’t create using BlueWinston. You can have Sitelinks and Callouts created through BlueWinston, and also, use them in other campaigns as well.

Note that this change only applies to Sitelinks and Callouts, and any other ad extensions won’t be affected. These will be rather converted automatically by Google later on.

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