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Version (13.8.2016)

  • New payment method added: Bank Wire Transfer.
  • Url validations for Base Url for Group campaigns ignores angle brackets. (8.8.2016)

  • Angle brackets are accepted in base URL of products in group campaigns.
  • Notification email texts updated.
  • Added Phone number field in registration process.
  • Added global statistics counter.
  • Fixed left menu on mobile devices.
  • Fixed header position on mobile devices.
  • Custom tags show tag name from XML.
  • Added new Custom tag 2, 3 and 4 fields in tag assignment.
  • Removed “Add only product with Product name shorten than defined chars count” and “Add only product with Product name longer than defined chars count” filters in Tag assignment & filters page.
  • All extended settings are now visibled.
  • Category/Manufacturer filter full search ignores diacritics.
  • Warning “Too short interval between the two scripts run. Scripts are skipped.” added.
  • “Do not create lower word count”, “Keyword noise words” and “Create also keywords with EXACT match type” are checked by default in new campaigns.
  • New 3 checkboxes during registration process added to allow use references, statistics and newsletters.
  • Fixed saving Ad paterns.
  • Fixed average target CPA calculation.
  • Fixed flashing tooltips over Automated scripts.
  • Fixed checkbox toggle when clicked on textbox nested in label in Automated scripts.
  • Fixed drag&drop tag elements in Ad patern creation.
  • When Unsupported Bidding strategy type is set, maxCPA and other settings are possible to edit.
  • Fixed loading fresh settings from adwords when opening campaign or updating campaign.
  • When negative keyword need to be entered, original keyword is removed.
  • Fixed merging negative keywords.
  • Fixed same keyword ID for different adgroups.
  • Fixed script response results.
  • Copy campaign fixed.
  • Set BW/BWBID labels only for keywords just added. Fixed product name truncation when “Do not create lower word count” option is set.
  • Always set param1 for keywords, even the keywords do not have BW label.
  • Document type declaration (DTD) is ignored in XML.
  • New way of selecting manufacturers and categories filters.
  • No utm parameters in product URL are used for new customers. (1.7.2016)

  • In Per Partes method, keywords created by “Create also keywords with EXACT match type” option are now activated together with base keyword from which were created.
  • Show info about no kw or ad in product preview.
  • Speed up Ad preview up to 200%.
  • Notifications showing speeded up.
  • More than 100k keywords/params can now be loaded from adwords. (28.6.2016)

  • PayPal payments implemented.
  • Customer settings page updated.
  • Keywords preview.
  • Admin campaign list.
  • URL modification parameters are inserted only if their values are found in product name.
  • URL modification for group campaign extended to 8 parameters.
  • Better validating of URL modification parameters.
  • Long requests for campaign list are in queue.
  • Alphabetic characters are ignored when parsing price tag.

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