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Version (1.1.2017)

  • Switched to new invoice numbering scheme 2017 (year and number).
  • Ad banners changed.
  • Targeted products added into xml export.
  • Fixed Unable to load more than 100k keywords when adgroup contains more than 15 keywords.
  • Allow registration of multiple MCC adwords account.
  • Added wrong keyword character.
  • Words must be in Product filter uses OR method.
  • Fixed Cleaning up legacy code.
  • Fixed AICalculated field used.
  • Fixed White characters in product names.
  • Fixed Unable to pause adgroup with cpa set.
  • Campaign enabled/paused status reading/setting overhaul.
  • Fixed Ad preview when containing empty field.
  • Fixed Customer data refresh.
  • Fixed Suspended account infos.
  • Fixed Keyword prefixes chars and items limits.
  • Fixed Date of last used customer account. (28.11.2016)

  • Company name is obligatory in customer edit page.
  • Notification email contains AdWords name and id.
  • Server status page added to menu for administrators.
  • Fixed Spaces in fields in customer edit page. (25.11.2016)

  • Per Partes method for keywords for Group campaigns are now optional.
  • BW accounts can be Suspended (account does not have access to AdWords account.)
  • Suspended BW account has red alert shown in header and in account list.
  • BW accounts can be Deleted. Deleted BW accounts has red alert shown in header.
  • Campaign/Feed counts are shown in left menu.
  • Fixed Wrong active product is shown when antiforgery token error is occured.
  • Fixed BW accounts with access denied to AdWords account (invalid_grand). (24.11.2016)

  • Per Partes method for keywords for Product campaigns are now optional.
  • Adwords reports menu item is hidden for customers.
  • Fixed Removed redundard wrong chars in ad creation.
  • Fixed Double click when payment by bank account is clicked.
  • Fixed Ad creating when headline contains non alpahnum chars only. (16.11.2016)

  • Migrated customer to one agency.
  • Bad words are shown in Ad editor.
  • Fixed Storing ad bad words.
  • Migrated customer to one agency.
  • Fixed Storing bad words when + char is used.
  • Fixed Preview of Conversion code.

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