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Version (18.12.2015)

  • Better previewing for Group campaigns.
  • Ad Patern “Words to remove” function works only with tag values now. It is renamed to “Words to remove from any tag value”.
  • ActivateKeywordsPerPartes runs separately for classic keywords and keywords created by removing diacritics.
  • Product Group campaigns has hidden URL and Price tags. Url tag is not required.
  • Show only one URL patern for Product Group campaigns. Others can be added by clicking a button.
  • Show keywords preview even wrong url is inserted in product group campaigns.
  • First Campaign/Feed update is set to 20 min.
  • New Custom tag 1 and 2 can be assigned and used in Keywords and Ads creator.
  • All new campaigns can be created as copy of previous created campaign.
  • Added new Sellect all/Deselect all buttons in campaign language selection.
  • Script main enable button is automatically enabled/disabled according to script settings.
  • BlueWinston bid management type is default for new campaigns.
  • Keywords preview shows prefix/suffix []”” for types Exact/Phrase.
  • Items in Category and Manufacturer filters are selected all by default.
  • UI improvements and text modifications.


  • Fixed DataFeed items preview.
  • Fixed unclickable AdPaterns icons on Safari browser.
  • Fixed draggable tags to show helper in right place after page scrolled.
  • Fixed bug in tagsList (list of words) web UI control.
  • Group campaign creation fixes.
  • Fixed showing AdPaterns list after Save. (4.12.2015)

  • Business data feed are created with type Dynamic display ad feed (Custom).
  • Better background logging.
  • Fixed updating only campaign/feed that are not deleted. (2.12.2015)

  • Cutting Headline and Descriptions in Ad paterns is changed. Tag texts are cut first. (1.12.2015)

  • Creating Business Data Feeds implemented. (29.11.2015)

  • Fixed multiple products with the same product name.

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