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Version (25.11.2015)

  • Added “Cut Descriptions if text length is longer that allowed length” option in Ad template.
  • Added new Last30Days interval for adwords reports.
  • Suffix (group campaign) is added when creating Product Group Campaign as a copy of Product campaign.
  • Keywords and Ads settings are also copied when creating Product Group Campaign as a copy of Product campaign.
  • Adgroups and Keywords list are shown in 50 lines by default.
  • Campaign update is automatically enabled after finishing seting up campaign.
  • Updated UI in Bid management keywords modifications page.


  • Fixed ignoring campaign status on update.
  • Fixed storing base stats for keywords. (20.11.2015)

  • Fixed Bid management run when no campaign exists in Adwords
  • Fixed DefaultMaxCPC calculation for all bid strategies
  • Store Bid management results only when Bid management is successfully inicialized. (18.11.2015)

  • Fixed keyword creating by truncation.
  • Truncated by word counts are now default 2 (16.11.2015)

  • Search Network setting enabled by default
  • Terms and Conditions updated
  • Fixed bounding domain for empty customer account
  • Fixed default Bid Management values for new campaigns (12.11.2015)

  • Implemented base stuff

  • Initial version

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