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Version (28.4.2016)

  • Bidding strategy overhaul. Adwords API v201603 used.
  • Added billing system (Orders page, Invoices, PayPal payments).
  • Added current product name and remaining time info into header.
  • Added BlueWinston Agency offers page.
  • Added All conversion value and Conversions info box on Dashboard.
  • Product url utm_ parameters and ValueTracker parameters updated.
  • Login, Register, Password reset and others pages graphics updated.
  • Added “Thank you page” after registration. Added Google Analytics code.
  • Added option to reenter Adwords credentials when refresh token is revoked.
  • Show info text when no conversion codes found in customer Adwords account.
  • Show info text when no keywords created due to too long product name.
  • Added support for large xml files (up to 400MB)
  • Added graphics email notifications.
  • Added checkbox to use keywords noise words.
  • Added many helps and tooltips.
  • Added favicon icon.
  • Many UI improvements.


  • Fixed keyword creation in Group campaign. (4.3.2016)

  • Multiaccount switching implemented.
  • Conversion code page updated. (3.3.2016)

  • Whole XML is used when looking for tags.
  • Script Exluding Keywords is always available.


  • Fixed Campaign negative keywords list.
  • Fixed showing Max bid limit enput box on Bid management page.
  • Fixed DisplayURL creating in Ads.
  • Fixed product and image url parsing from XML (26.2.2016)

  • New type of campaign Product Remarketing Ads added.
  • Dashboard section added.
  • New type of order: Monthly or Quarterly
  • Register attempts are stored in db.
  • [All languages] and [All locations] options has been added in common campaign settings page.
  • Xml file parsing overhaul. Now google xml file type is supported.
  • Campaign creation wizard has new tabs: Conversion settings, A.I. Bid settings and Automated scripts.
  • Now {Param1:price} is inserted in Ads when Price tag value is used.


  • Fixed targetCPA calculation when Google converison optimizer is set in Campaign settings.
  • Many small UI improvements and fixes

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