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Version (3.6.2016)

  • Updated truncating algorhythm to use “Truncate by word counts” as main brake for truncating. (2.6.2016)

  • Added option “Create also keywords with EXACT match type” in keywords created by truncation.
  • Allow copy Ads for same type of campaigns.


  • Check keywords duplicity in campaign.
  • Save final result for scripts modified keywords. (30.5.2016)

  • “Always use prefix for 2 words” option in keyword creation now skip original keywords.
  • Added options “Truncate +2 words” and “Truncate +3 words” in keyword truncation.
  • Added option “Do not create lower count” in keyword truncation.
  • Added options “Remove capitalization for Product name/Truncated product name tag” and “Remove capitalization for any other tags” in ad editor.
  • Minimal values for maxCPC, maxCPA and TargetCPA are editable.
  • New Per Partes method implemented for group campaign.
  • Removed ‘-‘ char from product names created by truncation.
  • Removed wrong ‘|’ char from ads texts.
  • New DB model implemeted.
  • AdGroup updating changed.
  • Log extended.


  • Fixed importing non breaking spaces from xml.
  • Fixed pausing empty adgroups. (19.5.2016)

  • Updating keyword overhaul.


  • Keywords are not updated if are in negative keywords under adgroup.
  • Ignore keywords adding when are in negative keywords under adgroup.
  • Search terms with too words are ignored. (14.5.2016)

  • Added list of campaigns for Administrators.


  • Fixed setting microbid amount for keywords created from scripts.
  • Fixed maxCPC calculation for keywords created by SearchTerm import.
  • Ad patern editor sizes changed.
  • Fixed reading adwords conversion codes.
  • Added default settings for keyword creation by truncating.
  • Fixed Group campaign creating when no copy option is used.
  • Fixed NoiseWords and NegativeKeywords duplicates if multiple campaign language selected.
  • Added custom Bad Words inserting.
  • Fixed All conv. value in Dashboard. (11.5.2016)

  • Category/Manufacturer tags can be used without filtering.
  • Small UI changes.


  • Fixed Ad editor UI issues.
  • Fixed Ad creating if used tag is not found in xml. (6.5.2016)

  • Added LiveChat button.


  • Fixed remaining days info.
  • Allow admin to active customer package without billing informations.
  • Hide progress bar after adwords communication error.
  • Fixed showing scripts for all campaign bid types.
  • Fixed showing ad preview when 0 product found.
  • Ads with empty Headline, Descriptions and Display URL are skipped to next Ad template.
  • Added new option “Hide BadWords from any tag values” in Ad patern editor. (3.5.2016)

  • Display URL in Ad is better optimalized. Used ‘-‘ instead of spaces. Display URL is always truncated to maximum allowed chars.
  • Display URL in Ad editor has default URL with Product Name tag.
  • Ad patern editor is automatically open when no ad patern exists in campaign.
  • Disabled option to copy Ads when creating new campaign.
  • Fixed keyword creation by truncation bug when minimum product words is found.
  • Tags used in Ads are without capitalized words.
  • Keywords prefixes are added after truncation.
  • Disabled product domain name verification.

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