Version (3.6.2016)

  • Updated truncating algorhythm to use “Truncate by word counts” as main brake for truncating. (2.6.2016)

  • Added option “Create also keywords with EXACT match type” in keywords created by truncation.
  • Allow copy Ads for same type of campaigns.


  • Check keywords duplicity in campaign.
  • Save final result for scripts modified keywords. (30.5.2016)

  • “Always use prefix for 2 words” option in keyword creation now skip original keywords.
  • Added options “Truncate +2 words” and “Truncate +3 words” in keyword truncation.
  • Added option “Do not create lower count” in keyword truncation.
  • Added options “Remove capitalization for Product name/Truncated product name tag” and “Remove capitalization for any other tags” in ad editor.
  • Minimal values for maxCPC, maxCPA and TargetCPA are editable.
  • New Per Partes method implemented for group campaign.
  • Removed ‘-‘ char from product names created by truncation.
  • Removed wrong ‘|’ char from ads texts.
  • New DB model implemeted.
  • AdGroup updating changed.
  • Log extended.


  • Fixed importing non breaking spaces from xml.
  • Fixed pausing empty adgroups. (19.5.2016)

  • Updating keyword overhaul.


  • Keywords are not updated if are in negative keywords under adgroup.
  • Ignore keywords adding when are in negative keywords under adgroup.
  • Search terms with too words are ignored. (14.5.2016)

  • Added list of campaigns for Administrators.


  • Fixed setting microbid amount for keywords created from scripts.
  • Fixed maxCPC calculation for keywords created by SearchTerm import.
  • Ad patern editor sizes changed.
  • Fixed reading adwords conversion codes.
  • Added default settings for keyword creation by truncating.
  • Fixed Group campaign creating when no copy option is used.
  • Fixed NoiseWords and NegativeKeywords duplicates if multiple campaign language selected.
  • Added custom Bad Words inserting.
  • Fixed All conv. value in Dashboard. (11.5.2016)

  • Category/Manufacturer tags can be used without filtering.
  • Small UI changes.


  • Fixed Ad editor UI issues.
  • Fixed Ad creating if used tag is not found in xml. (6.5.2016)

  • Added LiveChat button.


  • Fixed remaining days info.
  • Allow admin to active customer package without billing informations.
  • Hide progress bar after adwords communication error.
  • Fixed showing scripts for all campaign bid types.
  • Fixed showing ad preview when 0 product found.
  • Ads with empty Headline, Descriptions and Display URL are skipped to next Ad template.
  • Added new option “Hide BadWords from any tag values” in Ad patern editor. (3.5.2016)

  • Display URL in Ad is better optimalized. Used ‘-‘ instead of spaces. Display URL is always truncated to maximum allowed chars.
  • Display URL in Ad editor has default URL with Product Name tag.
  • Ad patern editor is automatically open when no ad patern exists in campaign.
  • Disabled option to copy Ads when creating new campaign.
  • Fixed keyword creation by truncation bug when minimum product words is found.
  • Tags used in Ads are without capitalized words.
  • Keywords prefixes are added after truncation.
  • Disabled product domain name verification. is an automated tool for creation of Product Search Text and Shopping Ads on Google. It is both an alternative and a must have addition to regular Google Shopping ads (Product Listing Ads, PLAs). Feed-driven product campaigns account for over 40% of the annual %CTR and displays in Google Search that lead to a successful transaction. Unique technology, innovative approach to keywords and ad creation for each product, group of products and their categories in the eshop, make this tool a number one in the global market. Today, BlueWinston is being used by hundreds of clients in over 50 countries (see testimonials from PPC specialists and merchants). Thanks to you do not only automate the creation of ads of your products, but you can also automate their optimization and management thanks to set of automated rules and bidding scripts applied in incredibly short time – every 6 hours!
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