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What to look for when creating a marketing strategy in 2020

For many, the start of a new year means evaluating the previous one. Or they are developing a new business strategy for the upcoming one. However, developing a strategy in a constantly evolving field such as ecommerce is not an easy task. Everchanging environment, trends or external factors, new updates in services… Let’s have a look on how to cope with such area!

Despite the constantly changing environment, creating a long-term strategy is not unnecessary. If you are lost or feel that you are stuck in your marketing strategy for 2020 and you don’t know how to improve it, here are some of the areas we recommend paying attention to:

Gray market

The gray market is a label for the sale of things with the permission of the owner. But they are selling them in places other than those officially supported by the distributor. It is an unofficial sale, but unlike the black market, it is not illegal.

Retailers should prevent their businesses from becoming part of the gray market. Manufacturers should prevent solding their goods in the grey market. This can be done, for example, by following the rules in the country where you reside as well as in the countries to which you are shipping. Manufacturers may consider different model numbers for different countries to be able to distinguish whether something has become part of the gray market.

If you feel that you are seeing an ad for the purchase of goods on a gray market, you can submit a request to remove it.


Reviews in ecommerce can make a big contribution. Because people don’t see your products and behavior like if they’d been in a physical store, their decisions are often influenced by reviews from your customers.

As a retailer, you first need to map where your customers can give you feedback. Then you can track it regularly. Only in this way will you be able to react to them as soon as possible and work with them.

Not all customers write reviews automatically. Usually, they only let themselves be heard when they are not satisfied with the services. That’s why often you must ask for reviews of satisfied customers by for example write an email with reminder to write a review.

What to do if you get…

  • …a good review: Good reviews are the engine of your business and your goal should be to get them as much as possible. Make these reviews visible to your potential customers. For example you can sharing them on social networks or posting them on your webpage.
  • …a bad review: Always try to respond to bad reviews as soon as possible – admit a mistake, apologize, suggest a solution. It’s inappropriate to react aggressively, no matter how bad the comment looks.

Cross-channel strategy

When planning your strategy, think about cross-channel advertising. If you use other channels in addition to Google Ads to advertise your products, e.g. social network advertising, it should be consistent. Cross-channel consistency will multiply the effect of your campaigns as well as the strength of your brand.

Of course, if you want to advertise, that doesn’t mean you have to use all available channels. Focus on those that bring you as close to your target audience as possible. This way you don’t waste money on ineffective advertising.


Ecommerce is a world of constant movement and innovation. It is manually impossible to adapt to them and manage regular updates on your product information or ad creation. Last year at Google Marketing Live, the need for process automation was constantly stressed. Ecommerce agencies that do not streamline their processes by automation may disappear in the coming months.

You can automate processes for example by using smart shopping ads or smart bidding. In addition, you can also use third-party tools, such as our BlueWinston app. It creates ads for thousands of products with just a few clicks, while covering all the necessary campaign types for the best performance.

Be one step ahead

The best, but the most difficult thing you can do in developing a strategy is to be one step ahead. Test your settings regularly and see how they are reflected in your campaign results. Follow blogs and try to take advantage of ecommerce news for your benefit (of course, only if it makes sense).

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