When to launch brand awareness campaigns for your e-shop?

In most cases, advertising on an e-shop starts through performance campaigns. Therefore, it is recommended to consider when to launch brand awareness campaigns as well. In this article, you can learn in what sequence you should launch performance campaigns for your e-shop.

Let’s take a look at when and what brand awareness campaigns you should run when you have great results from performance campaigns.

The simple answer is that you can run additional campaigns when you have better results from your performance campaigns than your target. For example, if your target is 500% ROAS and you´re getting, say, 1000% ROAS from the performance campaigns, then it’s time to launch brand awareness campaigns as well.

You can have performance campaigns and brand awareness campaigns running at the same time. That is the ideal situation, because then a synergic effect occurs and they support each other.

Don’t be afraid of additional campaigns. Brand awareness campaigns communicate the benefits of shopping in your store, seasonal promotions and special promotional offers. At the same time, they remind the customer of your e-shop’s brand. And this is what a lot of e-shops forget.

Brand campaigns can have a positive impact on the results of performance campaigns. This can be shown on a higher click-through rate on ads (CTR), a higher conversion rate, as well as a higher order value, etc.

Brand awareness campaigns should account for 10 to 30% of your overall online budget.

The point is that you need to build customer loyalty and direct traffic to your e-shop.

In what order should you launch brand awareness campaigns?

1. RTB Retargeting

This is a type of campaign that combines the benefits of product sales and brand awareness. It is a product sales retargeting campaign that leverages the power of RTB networks to deliver both performance and brand building at the same time.

Remarketing data needs to be collected for at least 1 month at first and then campaigns can be launched. You can check out our website rtbretargeting.com to learn more about how this type of campaign works, how we keep track of the results and how to get paid after the first advertising month.

In our experience, this is the best performing type of RTB campaign because it helps brand building, sell products and also leverages the power of RTB networks.

2. Other campaigns to strengthen the brand

We recommend running regular RTB campaigns as well – the most popular platforms are Google DV 360 and AdForm, which are accessible for small and medium-sized e-shops via our Managino Network platform. With RTB campaigns, you leverage the power of the RTB network and only pay for relevant impressions that actually occur.

For RTB campaigns, you can also use our social banner generation tool – Social2display.com. You can get interesting banners and send users to your eshop, special offers, selected categories or social networks.

Of course you can test and if the results are good, also run campaigns via Google Display, Gmail, Youtube and Discovery campaigns. For smaller budgets, it makes sense to run these types of campaigns as well, but keep in mind that these are brand awareness campaigns, they can reduce the performance of the advertising account and need to be set up as accurately as possible to reach the relevant audience.

Conclusion and summary

As we said, when you have an ecommerce store, it’s a good idea to start with performance campaigns. You can read about the process of how to run performance campaigns for an e-shop in this article.

After some time, it is also recommended to run brand building campaigns. The share of these campaigns should be between 10 to 30% of your total online budget.

In the end, it’s all about getting customers from advertising campaigns, but also from direct traffic. With brand awareness campaigns, you build customer loyalty and direct traffic.

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