• About Blue Winston for DevaGroup with Štefan Chochláč

About Blue Winston for DevaGroup with Štefan Chochláč

DevaGroup is a Google Ads Certified Partner. They are Polish agency made of specialists in various forms of marketing and they cooperate with Blue Winston as well. Recently our COO, Štefan Chochláč gave them an interview about Blue Winston’s history and functions. Read more about how we see Blue Winston from inner perspective.

Interview with Blue Winston’s COO for DevaGroup

Why did you decide to provide your tools to the Polish market? Where else are you operating?

Since we are an online tool like SaaS, which is not limited to the country, we have clients from all over the world. Basically, our tool can be used wherever there is possibility to use Google Ads. We decided to enter the Polish market about half a year ago, when we were given the opportunity to start working with Google´s former offspring. We have created a sales team based directly in Warsaw, which has direct contacts to agencies throughout Poland.

What is Blue Winston?

BlueWinston is an automated tool for creating product ads for Google Search. With this tool, an e-shop or agency that manages online e-commerce campaigns can create very simple and effective ads for hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of products in just few minutes.

What does it mean for the SEM Specialist to use your tool? How it can make his work easier?

The main benefit is that SEM specialist is not able to create and manage hundreds or thousands of ads without a tool of this type. The main advantages and reasons why to switch to BlueWinston.com can be found in this article. But it is certainly worth mentioning the time and cost saving or ad synchronization each 6 hours, thanks to which SEM specialist can devote much more time to other activities or gaining new customers.

Which Blue Winston features are the most interesting and on what specialists, who’re exploring your tools should pay attention primarily?

First and foremost, it is the system and its simplicity of creating long-tail keywords. You do not need to have any experience with regex or programming, as with competitors. Blue Winston has launched a unique type of campaign that has not been offered yet by any competitor and it is dedicated to automatized detection and creation of ads for so-called groups of products. This type of campaigns brings up to 50%+ of total transactions/conversions to BlueWinston users. The features that make BW different are indeed countless, but it is certainly worth mentioning that the price is very low. This is an advantage where small and medium-sized e-shops can also use our features for product automatization and advertising in Google Search

How does automation process work? Is it more effective than manual optimization?

Not only is BlueWinston more efficient in the process of creating product ads than manual creation, but I would say that this is the only form in which the product ads can be created and kept up to date. The first step is to retrieve product data from .XML e-shop feed, and in the next two steps you choose the keyword-creation system and the text ad templates, which will replicate for all products in your product-targeted campaign.

Not only is BlueWinston more efficient in the process of creating product ads than manual creation, but I would say that this is the only form in which the product ads can be created and kept up to date.

Where did you get the idea for using blue bowler hat and logo Blue Winston as your identity?

With our tool we wanted to give a helping hand to PPC specialists, something like a smart, intelligent, responsible new colleague with a lot of experience. For this reason we have tried to personalize our tool and give it a proper name. We understood that this name must be generally known and characterized by clothing or other things that are inextricably linked to it. Just like Sherlock Holmes´ detective hat. So we came to join the name Winston (ie. Winston Churchill) and his traditional bowler hat. The overall look was completed with blue color (therefore Blue), which we chose to combine the instrument with the company and corporate identity of Google itself at that time.

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