• How to advertise all your products in Google Text Search (AdWords)

How To Advertise products in Google Text Ads. In few minutes!

When you would like to advertise products on Google text search, you need XML data feed and you can connect your AdWords via API with BlueWinston.

Here are quick steps on how to advertise all your product in just a few minutes:

1. First of all. You should create a product campaign to advertise products

Choose from left menu Create new Product ads.

How To Advertise products in Google Text Ads


2. Secondly, create Group campaign from the previously created product campaign by copying the settings

You can use the same settings as in product campaign, use new ad texts (here you can use new tag – Price from) and insert also search link and search query from eshop.



3. Create a DSA campaign for Products – bounded to the mother (first) product campaign



4. In some cases, if it is suitable, you can create also non-brand product campaign.

Use settings from first created Product campaign and tick Hide manufacturer in part Keyword creation. And also check created keywords.

These product campaigns are suitable if:

  • your products can be searchable in AdWords also without brand. Like for example Apple Macbook XH3468 and you do not have a specific model in separate <tag> so you are not able to use the TAG COMBINATION method => you can use our TRUNCATING method that in most cases lead to more keywords.
  • you sell products that are not well-known brands (Chinese, etc…) so your “only” chance is to try to create product long-tail keywords without not well-known brands/manufacturers

These 4 step by step campaigns should give you the most powerful variants of keywords and cover the maximum number of products to be advertisable in Google Search by keywords.


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