• How truncating your product names from eshop works for product campaigns in Google AdWords

How Truncating works for Product names?

ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AWWhat does truncating for product names mean? Try to imagine that we have a product called:

ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer

Normally, you would get a very bad and unsuitable keyword with low search volume. The only solution would be to clear your product name and hide manually “stand-alone fridge with freezer” phrase. Thanks to our unique solution called Truncating = cut-off method you can get very nice and eligible product long-tail keywords.


Red: Process of truncating
Blue: New truncated long-tail product keyword

Black: Not a suitable keyword for a product campaign

Newly generated product keywords:

ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer
ELECTROLUX EJ 11800 AW stand alone fridge with freezer

Inaccurate keywords generated by truncating:

ELECTROLUX EJ (by brand/manufacturer +1 word)

==> This keyword is not suitable for product campaign because it contains words that are in more than 1 product within the e-shop.

same-fridgesAs you can see, there are products with the same name


So these kinds of keywords, which are so-called duplicates => we called Product-Groups keywords which are suitable for our new kind of Product-Group campaign! People in many cases are searching for those search terms.

What are the unique Product-Group ads/campaigns?

Why to focus on product-group campaigns in Google serachPeople do not always know the exact product name! They just know only part (Product-Group name). BlueWinston will find these unique Groups within your e-shop. Clicking on the ad, your customers will go right to full-text search results, where they can choose the best product model & type for them. With this feature, you can get many more new highly targeted customers!

Read more about Per-Partes method -> gradually enabling truncated keywords in Google Adwords

What about the next special features in BlueWinston PPC tool?

Truncate to Manufacturer +1 or more

By default there is an option to create keywords by truncating and stopping when Brand + 1 word. This way you can create long and also short keywords suitable for the product.

In some cases you can set up truncating also for longer keywords, for example to create keywords Brand + 2 words and longer. This is suitable when you have very generic words and would like to advertise only longer keywords.

Per Partes

By default there is an option to gradually enabling created keywords (Per Partes), so only longest eligible keyword is enabled. This way BlueWinston finds longest suitable keyword and not not enable too short keywords. This is very useful when you are using generic keywords.

When you have too low traffic, you can switch off Per partes. After that all created keywords will be enabled and you will get more broad traffic.

Words to remove

You can manually remove some chosen words from your created keywords. The main aim is to have very specific product keywords, which are known by users and searched on Google Search.


You can add prefixes to your keywords and create keywords with prefixes. Be careful about using prefixes, because BlueWinston may create many keywords.

Hide manufacturer

If you need, you can also hide manufacturer in created keywords. This is suitable when you have some unknown manufacturer (or brand) or just need keywords without manufacturer (brand). In this case it is recommended to use only keywords in Exact match type.

No Regex

As you can see you do not need any Regex features for Keywords creation. All is very simple and working. Just choose Truncating method and BlueWinston will do the rest.

If you need to clean up keywords, you can use built-in features: Words to remove, Hide manfucturer, prefixes, etc.

Get your product advertising done with BlueWinston

Every single solution and feature is excellent, but all together bring you a powerful product advertising platform for achieving great results and huge time & cost savings!

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