Campaign replication in BlueWinston – Google to Microsoft Ads

Bing search is growing each year and advertising on it is steadily becoming available in the whole EU. With this said, the time has come for us to implement Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston. Now, you can not only show your ads on Bing search but also on Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

This guide will cover the step-by-step setup of the replication process. As of right now, you can only replicate Google Ads campaigns that you have in BlueWinston to Microsoft Ads, but don’t worry, we are working on making the creation available to you as well.

How does the replication work?

First of all, you need to connect your Microsoft Ads account to BlueWinston. We already covered this in a separate article, which you can check HERE.

The campaign replication process is quite simple, but first of all, you must have the Google campaigns from which you want to replicate. Filtering options, keyword creation, ad patterns, and all settings that you select in your Google Ads campaign will be transferred to Microsoft Ads as well.

In the last step of campaign creation, you can now find a separate setting for Microsoft Ads import, where you can set up the bids and budgets. You can increase or decrease the bids and budget by a certain percentage or leave it as it is.

If you already have Google Ads campaigns running in the BlueWinston you can replicate those campaigns into Microsoft Ads as well. You just need to open the campaign settings and fill out the Microsoft ads import step.

With the next update from BlueWinston, all new (replicated) campaigns would be created in your Microsoft Ads account as well. Of course, BlueWinston will inform you that the import was successful directly in the campaign updates.

If necessary, you can edit both campaigns (Google Ads and Microsoft Ads) at the same time in BlueWinston, for example, you can change ad patterns. Subsequently, the ad texts would be changed in Google search and Bing as well as soon as the next update takes place.

Which campaign types can you replicate?

Currently, the following campaigns can be replicated from Google to Microsoft Ads:

  • Product text campaigns
  • Product-Group text campaigns
  • Product DSA campaigns


During the next BlueWinston tool update, we will also include the replication of Google Performance Max campaigns into Microsoft Smart Shopping campaigns.

If you have any questions about replication, feel free to write to us and we will be happy to help. For now, we recommend that you replicate and run Text campaigns in Microsoft Ads, and gather data from those.

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