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Case study: Results from using the Image Extension via BlueWinston

During November we tested a new feature in BlueWinston, namely creating images for the Image Extension. The advantage is that BlueWinston creates one or two images for each product (ad group) to be used for the Image Extension. You can read a more detailed explanation of what Image Extension is here.

For example, Image in Product Text Ad looks like this (highlighted in the orange box):

The advantage of using images in product text ads is mainly that the text ad is more interesting to the users and therefore more likely to attract their attention.

In Google Ads you can, of course, set the Image Extension. If you set it in BlueWinston you can be sure that the image used in the ad will be the same one you send in the feed. This will determine exactly which images to show in product text ads.

What results have we achieved?

We compared the period 5.11. – 25.11. vs. the period before and bring you results from several eshops from different segments. In the campaigns before, Image Expansion was not turned on. The TOP season may also have some influence on the results.

E-shop specializing in selling strollers and baby car seats

  • Product text campaign for Baby Car seats => CTR +4,37%
  • Product-Group text campaign for Baby Car seats => CTR +18,13%

E-shop specializing in selling sports accessories and outdoor equipment

  • Product-Group campaign for brands => CTR +22% – the image for text ads is created from the product image URL of some product from that brand

E-shop selling books and academic literature

  • Product – Group Text campaign, academic books => CTR +21%

In conclusion, the Image Extension increases the click-through rate (CTR) from product text ads and therefore you get more clicks and higher quality score.

Other factors that can affect campaign performance, such as conversion rates, cost and speed of delivery, etc., should also be taken into account.

For now, Image Extension is only available for ads on mobile devices, but it can be expected that it will soon be shown on desktop devices as well.

You can also read how to set up the Image Extension in the BlueWinston PPC tool on our blog.

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