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Alica Šromovská Effectix

Alica Šromovská

Head of Automation Department

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For a long time, no tool has made the work as easy for me as Blue Winston. Creating ads that I would normally do for 20 hours and optimizing price for keyword for another 20 hours per month, now takes up to two hours. I do not have to worry about anything and the campaigns work great. My clients are satisfied, they earn more money (they invest less in campaigns) and I save time with Blue Winston. I have already tested several automation applications, but I did not like any of them, only the Blue Winston.

What do I offer

  • Scripts, automated rules, machine learning
  • All clients receive scripts and automated rules important for their business. I test various beta versions directly with our clients. I plan a long-term starategy for PPC campaigns. I also educate my clients and pass my know-how to them.
  • At least once a month, each client passes through our internal audit of PPC campaigns by another PPC specialist.