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What do we offer

Effectix is perfomance driven full-service agency in the area of on-line markerting. Since 2009 we help our clients from Czech republic and Slovakia optimize and set up selling and marketing activities. From a definition of strategy to implementation and evalution.

Since 20015 we are Google Premier Partner and attendees Agency Leader Ship by Google. In 2017 we have became the member of international association Blue Alliance focused on export marketing.

We focus on optimization of particular channels, and also maximize synergy through channels. Thanks to narrow connection of our teams and big automation of processes, we bring our clients the best results.

Our team of specialists (more than 45) is maximally flexible, pro-client oriented and motivated. We educate regularly, follow world trends and their implementation gives our clients big competitive advantage.

Our our activities are measurable and under client¬īs control. Based on defined goals we like to go to success-fee models of rewarding. We are sure of our results in every moment of cooperation. We help companies in any segment to success in digital world.

Jana Trojanov√°
Jana Trojanov√°CTO
Alica ҆romovsk√°
Alica ҆romovsk√°Head of Automation Department
Roman KentoŇ°
Roman KentoŇ°PPC Konzultant