Communicate with customers even faster using a lead form extension

Your potential customers may not find all the necessary information in your ad, which may be a need to contact you. Google is currently beta-testing a lead form extension that could easily help in these situations.

Google extensions are small elements that are added to your ad either automatically, if they match your goal, or manually, based on your preferences. They improve your ad performance by providing valuable information in an interactive way. You can read more about how they work in our older blog

To extensions we are already used to, one will soon be added – a lead extension form. Google is currently beta-testing, so it is only available to some advertisers. The contact form that your customers would have to be searching for on your website in case of any questions, will now be available directly in your ad.

How does it work?

This extension resembles a promo extension, displayed as a call-to-action box with an icon. It is linked to the form you create, in which you only specific data can be collected: name, email, phone number, and zip code. To learn how to create a form and add this extension to your ad, visit the Google Ads Help

If users are signed in to their Google Accounts, when they tap the call-to-action link (such as Sign up or Get quote), they will be taken to a form where their data will already be pre-filled. So you only need one more tap to send it and you’ll receive a message.

The extension will only appear in Search results and only on smartphones and tablets. Also, it can only be used at the campaign level.

Why should you care?

The lead form extension is a great way to acquire valuable leads directly from Google Search. These can eventually become your customers.

Already in the beta version, Google records the first positive results. The Mexican telecom provider has received a 20 % higher lead rate from advertising than with any other lead generation efforts tested, thanks to a form in advertising.

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