Automatic exemptions for Ads and Keywords

During the creation of Ads and Keywords, words, which are not allowed by Google Ads may occur. It is a Google Ads Policy Violation and such words are automatically marked in Google Ads as an error.

In most cases not allowed words are names of brands (trademarks). BlueWinston automatically sends requests and asks Google for exemption. Some words are approved, some not. You can check such words in BlueWinston > Main menu > Google Ads > Bad words. At this place, you can see all problematic words – new ones, disapproved or approved words for your Ads and Keywords.

You can choose single words and manually ask for an exemption, or eventually replace Bad words with some other word.


If Google accepts the request, Ads and Keywords are created with previously not allowed words. If Google refuses the request, not allowed words are removed from Ads and Keywords, therefore Ads and Keywords are created without not allowed words.

You can also manually add not allowed words for Ads or Keywords and ask for the exemption.

If you need an approval to use some brand name (trademark), we recommend this step by step guide.

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