Dynamic Search Ads for Categories

In our previous article about DSA campaigns we were explaining how Dynamic Search Ads works and its benefits.

As we said, DSA can increase your reach without keywords and it works by matching people’s searches on Google with specific pages on your site. Also, you have the full control of how targeting works.

You can target all pages of your website or you can target your ads based on specific categories. Besides that, you can also create additional types of dynamic ad targets or even block pages using dynamic ad target exclusions.

Targeting for Categories

Thanks to DSA you can target specific categories.

Ad Groups – Landing pages

The “Landing pages from your standard ad groups” category contains all web pages that you are currently running search ads. This option can increase traffic on the web pages that you are already using as landing pages in existing ad groups or campaigns.

Google recommends this for advertisers that are new to DSA and want to see more traffic. Keep in mind that this option is available only in accounts with eligible landing pages.

How does it work?

You have a website about clothes and you have currently active search ads that are directing people to the “Clothes” page. You can expand your reach with users searching for queries relevant to this page, target the “Landing pages from your standard ad groups” category.

Other categories

Google can create targetable categories based on your website content, or sets of landing pages organized by theme. You can decide, which sets of pages to target or how to group similar pages. Keep in mind that categories may take up to 24 hours to fully update after you set up your Dynamic ad group/groups.

How does it work?

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