Per Partes method for Ad Groups

What is Per Partes method?

Per Partes is a special method that gradually enables one by one keyword and finds the longest eligible keyword. When finds eligible keywords, do not enable any shorter keywords.

When you are using more keyword match types, BlueWinston finds longest eligible keywords in all chosen match types.

What Per Partes types are used in BlueWinston campaigns?

  • Per Partes for Keywords
  • Per Partes for Ad Groups

How works Per Partes for Ad Groups?

Per Partes method for Ad Groups gradually enable and finds eligible Ad Groups. There are longer and shorter Ad Groups in our Product-Group campaigns. When BlueWinston finds eligible keywords in some Ad Group, then do not enable shorter Ad Group with any keywords.

Per Partes for Ad Groups

For example here we have 2 Ad Groups (on the left side) with their keywords (on the right side)

Ad Groups, bluewinston

If there would be eligible keyword (whirlpool bsnf 8152) in the first Ad Group (Whirlpool BSNF 8152), this Ad Group would be enabled. And shorter Ad Group (Whirlpool BSNF) will not be enabled.

This way you can automatically stop many too short Ad Groups with too generic keywords.

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