11% conv. rate thanks to DSA for Products (AC Adapters)

In this post you will see how effective and profitable DSA campaigns for products created by www.BlueWinston.com can be!

Client: Lacne-baterie.eu (Eshop which sells ac adapters for notebooks, tablets, monitors and batteries for notebooks)

Our client had problem with creating classic product keywords

AC adapter for iRobot Roomba

As you you can see. Product name are very specific and there is no possibility to create right keywords

  • We were fighting with low search volume even we created product or product-group campaigns via BlueWinston.com

Then we implemented / created unique DSA – P (Dynamic search ads for products) on which we did not have eligible long-tail keywords. How to create DSA for products read here

Bounded DSA-P campaign on mother's product campaign for AC adaptersAs you can see … we bounded DSA-P campaing on mother’s product campaign for AC adapters where we are able to advertise only on 16 products from total: 198 products.

The rest – non eligible products were automatically moved to DSA-P campaign where system create for each product separate Ad Group with specific Auto target URL!

Result after 30 days? Average 11% conversion rate!

DSA has one “little” requirement (condition) that you have to have quite good Google index on your product’s pages. Google has the right to decide whether to run or not DSA on your products. But in this case – Lacne-baterie.eu – it’s running like a hell =)

Number of conversions and conversion rate of DSA campaign for AC adapters

And statistics of the best performing Ad Groups within DSA campaign

DSA - best performing Ad Groups created by BlueWinston for AC adapters products in Google AdWords

Agency services from Winston Bros Ltd.

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