How to create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston

We introduce a new feature – product text campaigns for Microsoft Ads. Campaigns can be created from the feed and once uploaded to your Microsoft Ads account, you can advertise your products on the Bing search engine. This way you can reach more customers and extend your product advertising with another performance channel.

When you sign up for BlueWinston, you can choose which channel you want to connect to. In this tutorial, we’ll talk about connecting the Microsoft Ads channel. In order for your advertising to work properly, we recommend that you already have conversion measurement set up in your Microsoft Ads account.

In this case, choose Microsoft Advertising and link your account.

You can then create new product campaigns for Microsoft Ads. Go to Campaigns and we recommend creating a Product Text Campaign as your first campaign.

The process is very similar to creating product campaigns for Google Ads. You can follow these our instructions:

You can also connect your Google Ads account. The individual campaigns for the different channels are distinguished by the channel icon.

You can optimize campaigns directly in your Microsoft Ads account. You can get to a specific campaign in your Microsoft Ads account by clicking on “Report & Optimize”.

For campaigns, you can use the bidding strategies Maximize Conversions or Target Impression Share:

Some differences between Microsoft Ads and Google Ads campaigns in BlueWinstone

We would also like to let you know about some limitations and changes that are in Microsoft Ads campaigns. Some of the differences are due to the fact that Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are different advertising systems. And we will gradually fine-tune some features in the BlueWinston user interface.

  • Currently in BlueWinston, the graphs and report display is only available for Google Ads campaigns. Statistics and reports from Microsoft Ads campaigns will be added in the near future.
  • Bidding Strategies – if you would like to use a different bidding strategy than BlueWinston currently offers, you can change this in your Microsoft Ads account and BlueWinston will not override it.
  • Image extensions – it is not yet possible to set up image feed extensions for Microsoft Ads campaigns
  • Also, it is not possible to use scripts to automatically pause keywords based on the Bounce Rate

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