• Free 250€ Microsoft Ads Voucher

Get a Free 250€ Microsoft Ads Voucher

If you are an advertiser looking to boost your business through online advertising, Microsoft Ads can be a great platform to give a try. Not only does it offer access to a wide audience, but it also provides some unique features that can help you target your ads effectively. If you’re looking to save some money while testing Microsoft Ads, you might be interested in a Microsoft Ads Voucher, too.

Bluewinston has become the only Microsoft channel partner in the Slovak and Czech Republic, therefore we can provide e-shops with a new Microsoft Ads account with a starting bonus of 250€.

What are the criteria for applying?

1. Microsoft Ads account must be brand new or never used for advertising
2. The promotional code can be used only once per domain.
3. A registration in BlueWinston tool / or adding Microsoft account as a new channel
4. Linking your Microsoft Ads account with our MCC Microsoft Ads
5. To spend your 50€ within first 90 days in Microsoft Ads account (recommended within 30 days)
6. Once you complete setting up your new Microsoft Advertising account and spend at least 50€ on advertising, you will automatically receive a promotional credit of 250€.

Why to use Microsoft Ads

Low Competition and Less CPC – advertisement on Bing is usually less expensive than Google Ads. Microsoft Ads has the same Ad Auction system as Google and provides you better ad position at a cheaper cost per click.

Device Targeting Feature – Microsoft Ads can provide you with a special feature through which you can target your device traffic. You can either exclude or include mobile and tablet traffic to/from your ad campaigns.

More Transparency – Compared to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads provides you special leverage through which you can see which search partner is driving more traffic to your website. With Microsoft Ads, you can target your specific search partner.

Effective Social Extensions – Microsoft Ads provides better social extensions compared to Google ads.

Control your Search Demographics – Through Microsoft Ads, you can control search demographics. It gives you the ability to control which age, gender, etc. can see your search ads.

Why to create Microsoft Ads in BlueWinston tool

► Microsoft Ads is another performance channel that you can link into BlueWinston to create effective product campaigns. This way you can get conversions with high ROAS.
► Unique Product campaigns aimed on each product in your online store
► Automatic creation of keywords for thousands of products in just minutes
► Drag&Drop Ad Patterns creation
► Many additional filters that can’t be found in Microsoft Ads itself
► In-built optimization scripts
► 30-day trial
► Full 24/7 support

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