We have become a Microsoft Channel Partner! What does this mean for you?

Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region. Similar to the Google Channel Partner program, partners must meet various criteria to advertise on this network.

Microsoft Channel Partner is a status or award for the best partners in a given region. Similar to the Google Channel Partner program, partners must meet various criteria to advertise on this network.

As you know, we have recently been developing features that allow you to easily create product campaigns for Microsoft Ads. You can then advertise on Bing and other partner search engines (Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others).

Why could advertising through Microsoft Ads be interesting for you?

Advertising through Microsoft Ads is interesting mainly because it delivers similar results (in terms of ROAS% and CPA) as advertising through Google Ads. Although the amount of clicks from paid campaigns through Microsoft Ads is lower, their quality is comparable and thus it is another performance channel that we recommend starting to use actively.

As far as the benefits of advertising via Microsoft Ads are concerned, the most notable benefits are:

  • first place advantage – you can be the first to advertise in your segment, giving you an advantage over your competitors and thus more data for further campaign optimization
  • less competition – there is currently little competition for ads on Bing (and other partner search engines), but shops are starting to use this traffic source more and more
  • lower CPC – as there is less competition, there is also a lower cost per click, which can have an impact on lower cost per acquisition (CPA)

What benefits do we bring you as a Microsoft Channel Partner?

  • Microsoft Ads dedicated support – we have dedicated Microsoft Ads support, which means we can resolve any issues with accounts and campaigns quickly and in a timely manner
  • specialization in Microsoft Ads campaigns – we extended our specialization to Microsoft Ads campaigns, so we can advise you on which campaigns will work best and with what settings
  • 250€ free credit – for new accounts we are able to provide a voucher for free credit
  • tracking setup – we can help you set up conversion tracking in Microsoft Ads at a discounted price

Why use BlueWinston to create Microsoft Ads campaigns?

You can easily add a Microsoft Ads account directly in BlueWinston and create campaigns for Microsoft Ads in just a few clicks. Then you just can optimize your campaigns directly in the tool or through the Microsoft Ads interface.

The main advantage is that it’s a direct import into both systems (Google Ads and Microsoft Ads) and campaign updates are made several times a day. Another advantage is that you can very easily edit campaigns as needed, i.e. change product filtering, add ad texts, pause underperforming products, etc.

During 2023, Microsoft is significantly improving Bing search results, also by implementing artificial intelligence into the results via OpenAI (ChatGPT). We anticipate that this will also significantly increase popularity for users and thus we can expect a significant increase in traffic from automated PPC campaigns via Microsoft Ads.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that BlueWinston makes it much easier to create campaigns for Microsoft Ads. You can easily create new campaigns from campaigns you’ve already created for Google search, and then you can very easily optimize your campaigns, either directly in BlueWinston or both in Google and Microsoft Ads.

Launch product-oriented performance campaigns as soon as possible and get relevant traffic, as well as excellent ROI, high ROAS and low ACOS.

At the same time, we can provide you with support with Microsoft campaigns as well as a €250 voucher for new accounts, helping you start advertising in a new environment full of benefits.

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