Google Call-Only Ads are also getting updates

Previously, we informed you about Google updates that have brought extended space for Responsive Ads and Dynamic Search Ads. These ads have gotten new features and also space for more characters. Following these changes, Google brings updates also to Call-Only Ads.

Call-Only Ads were created by Google to encourage your potential customers to call you. These ads are using phone numbers that will be the same as the numbers you may be already using in your call extensions and they can appear only on devices you can call from. Tapping the ad, the user is automatically redirected to dialing and he or she only needs to tap the call icon.

What are the changes?

Thanks to new updates, these ads offer you even more options. Instead of one 25-characters long title, you can now have two with 30 characters. The extension also brings more characters to descriptions, now up to 90 characters.

Another change, the Product Manager of Google Ads, Russo, informed about is a replacement of your e-shop name to the description section. Its displaying in title was believed to be inefficient and limiting because of the characters’ limit.

What impact will it have on your business?

Thanks to more space in titles and descriptions, you have now chance to tell your potential customers more about your services. But be aware of not wasting the space and making the ad unattractive by useless or complicated content.

The replacement of your e-shop name allows you to get more out of your titles. This solution, however, can be limiting as well, if people know your business by name. If you need the name to be displayed in title, feel free to add it manually.

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