• PPC kampaň - veľké investície a žiadne výsledky? Optimalizujte!

PPC campaign – big investments and no results? Optimize!

Have you been running your PPC campaign for a while now, but you cannot see any results? Have you spent much time optimizing it, but it still does not generate leads? In such a case, you should pay attention!

We are speaking of lead or contact generation to engage with the potential clients who become interested in your products. In our case, these are the customers, who enter your webpage thanks to PPC paid search. Sometimes, however, it occurs that somebody is clicking your ad and your money is fleeing away, but in the end, there are no purchases of your products, no return on investments.

It can be click fraud, caused mostly by the competitors. Either manually or using various bots. They want you to run out of your budget, so your ad stops displaying. Thus said, to disqualify you from the competition.

Click fraud is preventable in a few easy steps, which will evaluate the legit clicks thanks to smart algorithms. These smart features include manual IP exclusions, remarketing campaigns, customized targeting, or tools such as CAPTCHA that can discard diverse bots.
To prevent click frauds, you should work with these features regularly.

But what if you have all forms of fraud prevention and your ad still does not generate leads? Click fraud may be the most common cause, but definitely not the only one. So, if you have ensured yourself it is not a case of click fraud, intent to approach the issue by following steps.

Optimize the PPC campaign

1. Change the keywords

It can happen that your keywords are not specific enough and have an extensively wide reach.

Try to understand the keywords match types and instead of wide match, use the phrase match or exact match. In the first case, your ad will be displayed only in case a person has entered the exact phrase or a very close variation of it. In the case of exact match, your ad will be displayed only when identical with the searched phrase.

Besides, track the performance of your keywords. Some may earn many clicks, but no leads, others do not even generate clicks…

Managing the negative keywords can pay off as well. When selling winter shoes, you probably do not want it to be displayed as “winter shoes free”. So, you can include “free” among your negative keywords list.

2. Change the content of the ad

Good content of your PPC product campaign ad is crucial for generating leads. Rather than purchase, people want to solve a problem. Introduce them, therefore, a product and offer its solutions and benefits. Finally, do not forget to call for action, i.e. purchase.

Make use of the space offered by Google Ads and squeeze in all important information. If you are lacking some characters, use even the space for displayed URL address or some extensions. But keep in mind that extensions can be tricky as well. Google does not guarantee the times they will be displayed.

Are you struggling with the content? Help yourself with one of our blog posts that focused on the features of a good ad.

3. Scrutinize your landing page

The potential customers should be redirected to a relevant landing page, related to the search. Good landing page should convert the customer´s click to action, so it should contain as little distractive features as possible.

4. Stop the campaign

PPC campaign may not be your cup of tea and the return of investments (ROI) is the result. If your budget is running out without generating leads, you should consider switching to another form of campaign. Surely, there is still a possibility to experiment with the settings, it can work out in the end. But sometimes, when you have tried all the possible changes for the situation, it is better to simply stop the campaign and run it using a different platforms.

Indeed, you do not have to stop your campaign right at the beginning. Mind the time Google Ads needs to collect and evaluate the first data. Give it some time, go through all of the steps and maybe you will find the stumbling block somewhere other. If you are online merchant you should consider to try automation software for advertising all your products in Google Search.

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