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Google removed Shopping Ads in Turkey. How to solve this situation now?

Google has announced that it will remove its Shopping Ads in Turkey as of Aug. 10 after a decision by the Turkish Competition Authority (TCA), that it should treat all shopping comparison services equally.

The TCA said that Google made the efforts of other companies difficult with algorithm updates it made for public search services and with Google Ads.

In February 2020, the TCA fined Google $16M saying that it was obstructing competitors’ activities in the online shopping services market in the country by abusing its dominant position in the search engine market.

  • This means that as a merchant, you can choose to participate in Shopping ads on the Google general search results page in various ways: you can provide your product data to any CSS, including Google Shopping, and you can also use multiple CSSs at the same time
  • CSS program is used by EU countries after Shopping case in 2017 (penalty of  $2.7 billion from EU to Google for unfairly favoring some of its own services over of rivals)

Idea of CSS was not accepted by Turkish authorities because “acceptability of these solutions was currently vague.” 

Google believes this will unfortunately result in less choice and a lower quality experience for consumers, resellers and comparison services in Turkey. 

Google said they will continue to work with TCA to find a viable solution.

How to solve this situation?

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