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Guide: How to advertise books with BlueWinston? (2nd part)

In the first part of the BlueWinston Book Advertising Guides, we showed you how can you simplify the creation of keywords and ads for individual books in BlueWinston. This can save you a lot of time when creating and managing campaigns.

In this second part, we’ll talk about how can BlueWinston automate text campaigns into Google search for individual authors. The point is that larger book e-shops offer books from a variety of authors. E-shops this big can have hundreds or even thousands of authors and in that case, manual keyword creation is obsolete and a waste of time.

Campaigns with authors’ names can be great since not all people know books by their titles. Sometimes we buy books as a gift and we know that the person receiving the gift reads, for example, Edgar Allan Poe. So logically if the e-shop already has campaigns with keywords being author names, the ads can pop up in Google search as the user searches for the phrase and they can check all books from the author they need.

Text campaigns – Author names

Keywords are directly created from the XML feed, which you should already have. If you don’t have an XML feed for authors you can either create one from your web or use tools for feed creation. The XML feed should have the author name, URL address with all books by the author and some additional tags (attributes).

Keywords: name of the author

Keywords can be created in BlueWinston exactly as they appear in the product XML feed. We can include the whole name of the author as one keyword:

  • Keyword: edgar allan poe

Keywords: prefix + name of the author

You can also create keywords with prefixes directly in the BlueWinston. Those keywords could look like this:

  • Keyword: book edgar allan poe
  • Keyword: book by edgar allan poe
  • Keyword: books edgar allan poe
  • Keyword: books by edgar allan poe

The result would be a specific ad for each author in the campaign, for example:


The potential customer will be taken from this ad to the page on the e-shop with all books, in this case from author Edgar Allan Poe.

Which tags do you need in the product XML feed?

To create Text Campaigns for author names, we need an XML feed that should contain the following tags:

  <author>Eowyn Ivey</author>
  <author_url>URL link for all books from the specific author</author_url>
  <author_price_min>lowest price for the book from the specific author</author_price_min>
  <author_discount_percent_max>highest discount for the books from the specific author (in percentage)</author_discount_percent_max>
  <author_discount_amount_max>highest discount for the books from the specific author (in currency- €, $, etc.)</author_discount_amount_max>
  <author_books>number of books in stock from the specific author</author_books>

How to create this kind of XML feed?

You can use plugins / modules to create feeds or you can create a Google sheet, where you manually enter the authors and their URLs. We can then convert the Google sheet to an XML feed.

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