Hartes.sk | Year over year profit increase 441% from PPC

Hartes.sk is an authorized seller of tools, construction machinery, and cleaning equipment of well-known brands with more than 6 000 products on offer. Retail store Hartes in Trenčín, Slovakia has an area of 1200m² and also is an authorized service center of brand Kärcher.

What we have done?

Large portfolio of products and the constantly changing availability of products caused time-consuming Google Ads account management. In that time only a limited number of products and brands were advertised. Despite the time-consuming management of campaigns It wasn’t possible to reach the required profit from PPC campaigns. So the main focus was on comparison shopping services. Decision to test Blue Winston was really important, because it positively affected results.

„Thanks to Blue Winston, Google Ads became an important channel for reaching new customers. We are thankful that BlueWinston helped us raise positive return on investment from advertising and affected the profits of our company”.

Róbert Hulman, CEO Hartes
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Why is BlueWinston perfect?

  • Fast advertising setup on whole product assortment 
  • Automation Google Ads advertising according to stock availability and margins
  • Cost savings and less time required to manage PPC campaigns
  • Actual prizes in product advertising 
  • Unique group campaigns based on native Search function in the e-shop
  • Proactive support approach from BlueWinston staff

Comparing the results Q1/2019 vs. Q1/2020

  • ROAS +52,6%
  • Turnover from PPC +169,1%
  • Profit +441,8%
  • CPA -32%
  • CTR +7,0%
  • Orders from PPC +147%
  • Money invested to advertising +73,7%

And what about the next plans for this e-shop?

Thanks to successful BlueWinston campaigns is this e-shop able to increase budgets to PPC advertisements every month. And achieve even higher profit from Google Ads. Because of not ideal Search results in e-shop search, we are thinking about testing Luigi´s box campaigns. We expect that improved Search results on e-shop will improve also Group campaigns performance.

Logo Dávid ForgáčDávid Forgáč is a skilled PPC freelancer, who is a business partner for e-shops with specialization in performance marketing.

BlueWinston.com is an automated tool for creation of Product Search Text and Shopping Ads on Google. It is both an alternative and a must have addition to regular Google Shopping ads (Product Listing Ads, PLAs). Feed-driven product campaigns account for over 40% of the annual %CTR and displays in Google Search that lead to a successful transaction. Unique technology, innovative approach to keywords and ad creation for each product, group of products and their categories in the eshop, make this tool a number one in the global market. Today, BlueWinston is being used by hundreds of clients in over 50 countries (see testimonials from PPC specialists and merchants). Thanks to BlueWinston.com you do not only automate the creation of ads of your products, but you can also automate their optimization and management thanks to set of automated rules and bidding scripts applied in incredibly short time – every 6 hours!
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  • create ads for all your products
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