Headline 3 and Description 2 in Product Ads by BlueWinston

As you have surely noticed, Google Ads has recently launched a possibility of Headline 3 and Description 2 for the ads in Google Search. We have worked hard and launched these features in BlueWinston as well!

We are speaking of dynamic expanded text ads for products. You do not have to create other types of ads anymore. You will see Headline 3 and Description 2 already when creating campaigns in BlueWinston.



Filling in the Headline 3 and Description 2 is optional. Similarly, as when you run the ads in Google Search, keep in mind that these new features may or may not be displayed by Google.

The number of characters of description has changed as well, each can have up to 90 characters. This change can result in new ads being created and old ads being replaced – this is happening in case you are cutting Description to 80 characters, and now it will be cut to 90 characters.


For Dynamic Search Ads (ADS) for Products campaigns:



You can learn more about expanded text ads here.


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