How does the button to change ETA to RSA ad patterns work?

On Monday, July 11, 2022, around noon, a button to change the old ETA advertising templates to RSA templates will appear in BlueWinston. The button will be located here:

You can read about the windows that appear after clicking the “Migrate ETA ads to RSA” button in the manual, where we have summarized the process and possible errors during migration.

ETA ad templates contain 3 headlines and 2 descriptions to which you can subsequently add extensions (Callouts, Sitelinks, etc.). This type of template is no longer updated and therefore all ETA templates need to be changed to RSA.

Of course, changing everything to be the same as before is impossible in this case, and we had to apply several changes:

1. In the ETA templates, you could use the BlueWinston function Prolonged product name, which extended headline 1 to headline 2. Such an ad template in ETA looked like this:

This setting cannot be used in the RSA template and therefore we had to replace the extended product names or headline 2 with {keyword:default}.

This Ad customizer is the easiest to explain as a search term that the customer enters directly in Google search. We can use it to replace Product names or missing headlines. With the RSA template, however, Google chooses whether to display the Product name or {keyword:default}.

After migration, you can edit the ad patterns directly in BlueWinston ► Ads creation. With RSA patterns you can have more headlines and descriptions, so we recommend adding as much text as possible to the advertising templates.

2. Only one RSA Ad Pattern without alternatives will always be created – In order to limit errors during migration, the BlueWinston will combine alternative and regular templates in all ETA patterns. This way only one RSA ad pattern will be created where all headlines and descriptions from the regular and alternative ETA templates will be combined.

Other than that, everything else should stay the same. All headlines and descriptions should be copied to the new RSA ad template. Duplicates should be removed because otherwise, the ad won’t show – Google doesn’t allow two identical headlines or descriptions.

Product names and {keyword:default} will be pinned to the first position so that they appear first, and other headlines will be automatically chosen by Google. Ad customizer {keyword:default} will always be used only once in the headline and once in the description of the ad pattern.

Although we try to control errors as much as possible, we recommend that you review the ad templates and edit them. If you already have the RSA templates you can also pause the ETA templates and let only the RSA ad patterns run.

In case of questions or problems, we are always here for you and we will be happy to advise you with the transition to RSA advertising templates or anything else. You can contact us anytime at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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