How to advertise Amazon products on Google

If you’re looking for creating Shopping Campaigns, or Google Shopping Ads to boost your sales for your Amazon store, it’s not possible. However, text ads are an exception, which, when properly set up, can attract new, potential customers.

Feed-driven Product ads¬†are search ads that advertisers can dynamically create to show relevant product information like name, price,¬†and availability against product-specific search queries on Google. These ads usually increase chances for e-commerce businesses to show their products and maximize traffic and revenue.¬†In fact, while Google Shopping is an essential part of every online retailer’s advertising strategy, advertisers can also show search text ads alongside shopping results.

Use Google Text Ads to boost your Amazon store sales


When we searched for “iPad pro”, we saw two different ads. This iPad is advertised as both a classic text ad and an image ad. Note that the search ad, like the shopping one, shows both the¬†title¬†and the¬†price¬†of the iPad Pro. Ads that show product title and price can be made manually.

But what if you want to advertise hundreds if not thousands of products? Obviously, you don’t want to spend days and nights manually updating thousands of text ads. This is exactly what BlueWinston was created for, so you can advertise a lot of products in minutes and save hundreds and hundreds of hours. The best part is that if you want to try our app, just¬†register and get 30 days free.

Tips for making even better ads

We used the ad generator to give you an idea of what it should look like. Note, however, that instead of “” there will be a link to your Amazon store.

Call out promotions and discounts – If your feed includes both a product’s original and sale price, you can decide to include them both in your text ads or to show the percentage off.

As you might gave already found out, online shoppers are very sensitive to promotions. Nothing generates high click-through rates better than highlighting a sale.

Build social proof – Try reaching your customers by clicking on your ad. For example, you can mention which of your products are best selling and why.

Build urgency РTry to advertize your product with urgency, so the potential buyer would buy it instantly.

Pros and Cons of your feed-based text ads

‚úď Increase your click share on the google search results page for your Amazon store.

‚úď You can always see when users search for specific products with specific keywords. Then you can improve yours.

‚úď You can target the most searched keywords.

X Some keywords may be labeled as “low search volume”, which means that it is less likely to be searched for.

X More searchable keywords can cost more per click.

X Beware text ads characters limit

What you need to get started?

  • The first thing you need is your product feed. XML is the best form of these feeds. To find out more, we have an article about XML and outlining what the product name should look like or the correct order of the attributes in the product name. Read how to set up¬†product name and correct a XML feed.
  • Google Ads Account.¬†If you want to know, how to make one, read¬†how to create a Google Ads account.


Expanding your overall ecommerce marketing efforts can help you increase sales on Amazon. While Amazon is number one that customers are now searching for when they search for products, Google is still number 2 with nearly 40% of online product searches.

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