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How to avoid high cost-per-click (enhanced CPC)

If you use Google Ads, you may have come across several strategies that Google offers for your ads. One of them is Enhanced CPC. If you’re not careful, this strategy allows you to overdraw your daily credit in just a few clicks. In addition, according to the information, this strategy should be removed in Q1 2021.

What is Enhanced CPC  and what are the options

Enhanced CPC can help you get more conversions using manual bids. This strategy automatically adjusts your bids for clicks that are likely to make a purchase on your site.

With your search and content campaigns, you can increase your sales/conversions with enhanced CPC while trying to maintain the same cost per conversion as with manual bidding.

In the past, Google could increase the max CPC up to + 30%, but now the expanded max CPC can have two goals – to optimize for as many conversions as possible or to optimize for as many conversion values as possible.

So how can Google optimize your campaigns? What to avoid?

If Enhanced Max CPC is turned on, Google may increase your cost-per-click (CPC) at your discretion to meet the goals you choose – with as many conversions as possible or as many conversion values as possible.

With small budgets (and also in season), the cost-per-click can be several times higher than the max CPC you enter.

In this case, you may notice an increase in cost-per-click of +730%. The set max CPC is 10CZK, but the real cost per click was 83.03CZK. If you have a smaller budget, it can be drained in just a few clicks.

If you’re using Enhanced CPC and have a smaller budget, we recommend disabling this strategy. However, if it suits you, beware of a higher cost per click – depending on your goals.

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