Case study: | +117% Conversions also thanks to BlueWinston is a Romanian online pet store that sells animal feed, for example: foods for dogs, cats, fish and more. Happypets Online Srl was founded in 2006 with the main goal of offering a wide range of products for pets at competitive prices and with the possibility of delivery directly to the customer's home.

Create product text ads in Magento with just one click

Bring your products from Magento eCommerce CMS even closer to your potential customers, increase their marketability, and save time spent on product ad creation. With BlueWinston, you can create Google ads for these products with just one click, saving not only time but also money. BlueWinston is a unique 3in1 tool – it helps

How to evaluate the performance of campaigns in BlueWinston

To help you with better understand BlueWinston tool, we'll explain the basic concepts you'll work with in the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, we can see the overall performance of campaigns - that is, what results all campaigns in BlueWinston have brought over a certain period. You can choose the time interval according to your own

Search Ads 360: Manage large campaigns more efficiently

Google ads have undergone many changes in recent months. These include not only ad displaying, but also new useful features and reorganization of the advertising platform. Search Ads 360 is a result of these changes - a unique campaign management tool for search engines. The work of many agencies and marketers managing accounts across multiple

Make your customers feel safer in your e-shop

Despite the fact that shopping on the Internet saves a lot of time, the customer are still struggling with one aspect that cannot be assured as much as in physical stores – security. On the Internet, it is easier to deceive a customer than when shopping in a physical stire, and despite increasing safety standards, this

Automate your product campaigns on Google Ads

Still more and more retailers are switching to ecommerce and use online advertising for their products. The most widely used platform for such advertising is Google - the first place most customers go when they are looking for a product. Let’s have a look on how you can advertise on this platform as effectively as