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How to create non-brand product campaigns

In some cases, you need to create a product campaign with keywords that do not consist of manufacturer. You have to be very careful with the creation of non-brand product campaigns, but you can gain interesting traffic to your shop.

In BlueWinston you can create these types of campaigns:

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  4. How to create Product non-brand campaign
  5. How to create Human Search-based campaign
  6. How to create Smart Shopping campaign (read more about Smart Shopping Ads)

There are two options for non-brand product campaigns:

1. Product non-brand campaign

Create this product campaign in the usual way as you create a product campaign with brand keywords. There are only a few differences Рin part Keywords creation hide words found in tag MANUFACTURER and create only keywords without it. And also we recommend using only Exact Keywords match type.

Hide manufactuer in Keywords

You can also add some prefixes, so keywords will be created with and also without prefixes.


2. Product-Group non-brand campaign

In this campaign are created shorter keywords and users will land on search results on the shop and will choose appropriate variants according to his/her preference (size, color, etc). In these campaigns we also usually use only Exact Keywords match type and the same setting for hiding manufacturer as in Product non-brand campaign.

Non-brand keywords

You can also add some prefixes, so BlueWinston will create keywords with and also without prefixes – as you can see on this picture – there are created 3 keywords, 2 of them with prefixes and one without prefix. Users will land on search results on the shop and will choose any of these 4 products. You can see that in created keywords is not manufacturer Gorenje.

When using non-brand campaigns, be very careful – there can be less suitable keywords than in product campaigns with brand keywords. When you see an inappropriate keyword, go to Adwords, remove label BW and then you can pause the keyword. BlueWinston will never run it again.


Maybe you are asking – How can I create product Ads in BlueWinston? or How can I create product-group Ads in BlueWinston? See URL links and our blog.


Look at the video tutorials for essential functions here!

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