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How to evaluate the performance of campaigns in BlueWinston

To help you with better understand BlueWinston tool, we’ll explain the basic concepts you’ll work with in the Dashboard. In the Dashboard, we can see the overall performance of campaigns – that is, what results all campaigns in BlueWinston have brought over a certain period. You can choose the time interval according to your own specifics. Whether you’re interested in performance for the entire period since the campaign launch day or just for the previous day, and so on.

The dashboard contains the following statistics

  • Clicks = the number of times the customer clicked on the ads.

  • Impressions = the number of times the ads were visible to the customer

  • Conversions = the number of times a customer purchased a product by clicking on ads.

  • All conversions value = the total value of conversions, which is the total monetary value of the order that the customer payed based on the click on the ad. This value is displayed in the currency defined in the Google Ads account.

In addition to numerical statistics, we also have a look at two graphs that express the number of clicks in the chosen period and how many it cost you. The currency in which the amount is displayed is predefined by the client in the Google Ads account.

If you want to focus on the statistics in more detail and you are interested in the performance of individual campaigns, go to the Main Menu => Google Ads => Campaign reports. As on the Dashboard, we can check the performance of campaigns and look at statistics such as: clicks, cost, impressions, conversions.

In addition to the above, we can also check Est. total conversions, number of direct + number of assisted conversions within a given campaign as estimated by the BlueWinston tool. Assisted conversion is a purchase made of a product other than the one promoted in the ad, but made through a link in the ad.

Detailed statistics let you know the performance of campaigns broken down by device (computers, mobile, and other devices) that customers can use to search for a product.

To check keyword or ad group statistics, click the selected campaign. Here you can sort your keywords by, for example:

  • Max CPC = the maximum cost per click

  • Clicks = the number of clicks on the keyword

  • Impressions = based on the number of impressions for the keyword

  • Cost = how much of the keyword spent from the budget

  • Conversions = how many conversions (orders) the keyword generated

  • ClickAssistConv = how many assisted conversions (orders) the keywords generated.

If you want to change your CPCs, turn ad groups or keywords on or off, and add new keywords, you can do it in your Google Ads account.

What to watch and how to decide accordingly?

If a keyword has a high impression rate but very few clicks, it may be irrelevant and should be stopped manually in Google Ads. Manually paused keywords will not run again during updates from BlueWinston to Google Ads.

Also, some keywords may be spending too much on your budget and not accruing any conversions (such as more than 100 clicks and no conversions), so it's a good idea to manually stop this keyword in Google Ads.

You can also calculate PNO (cost / order value), if it's higher than 40% for all campaigns, please contact us and we'll help you fine-tune your campaigns.

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