How to get free bonus credit in Google Ads

If you are an e-commerce merchant and you want to use our PPC tool BlueWinston, you can get free credit for advertising through Google Ads.

What is a Google promo code/voucher?

Google Ads promotional codes are codes that provide free credit that can be redeemed in Google Ads. 

Since we are a Google Partner, if we create a Google Ads account for you, you can get bonus credit from Google. We can then link the new Google Ads account to BlueWinston and grant you admin access to the new Google Ads account.

The amount of the bonus credit depends on the country and if you meet the condition of spending your credit within 60 days in the same amount. The exact conditions for redeeming the promo code can be found here.

The amount varies per country, for example:

  • Slovakia: 350€

  • Czech Republic: 8500 CZK

  • Denmark: 3000 DKK

  • Sweden: 4000 SEK

  • Switzerland: 400 CHF

  • United Kingdom: 400 £

  • Poland: 1200 PLN

  • Hungary: 120 000 HUF

  • Canada: 600 CA$

  • USA: 500 US$

  • Israel: 1500 ILS

The bonus credit is country-specific, so for example if we create a new Google Ads account for the Czech Republic, with the currency CZK, the bonus is 8500 CZK (approximately 354 €).

How to get bonus credit for Google Ads?

Contact us via our form and we’ll create a brand new Google Ads account for you, which we’ll also register to our BlueWinston PPC tool.

How will you see if the coupon is active in your Google Ads account?

As you can see in the following screenshot, the promo code was applied automatically because the advertiser met the requirements. Google added €350 in credit, which has also already started to be spent.

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